Thursday, January 13, 2011


1. I don’t find Robert Patterson at all attractive. He looks like his mouth stinks.

2. I like my sweets, but over Christmas discovered how many I can actually eat in one sitting – and it’s ASTOUNDING. It’s like my mind says, “NO!” But my belly says, “MORE!” Belly, you win.

3. At some point I need to organize my Ironman training – I am sans coach this time around, but have identified a plan to follow, am getting involved in Computrainer class, and doing some other stuff to keep me honest about my training. Of course, IM training also means getting in the pool. I guess holding my breath for the announcement that Ironman is now a duathlon is pointless, yeah?

4. I hate Facebook. I’m all but off it – at least when it comes to posting on my own status. I am actually kind of surprised that it’s still going strong, but apparently most of us are far bigger voyeurs and narcissists than we knew – myself included. I mean, come on – how much do we think other people give a shit about our lives that we feel a compulsion to post the minutia of our days? Half the time I don’t even care about my daily activities. Plus, it only encourages me to get involved in political conversations with people I either don’t know, don’t care about, or will never change their mind. So why madden myself? (in my defense, these have significantly decreased in the last 12 months really for no ohter reason than to maintain my sanity, and I've only jumped in the last few days when I feel people need to be called out on their hypocrisy, like I'm self-appointed Facebook Hypocrisy Police) Point is - it's not really fun anymore. I am trying to get more regular at blogging – that way, people can seek me out if they want, rather than me inundating their home page with what I ate for breakfast.

5. Lately some of my happiest moments have been in the aisles of Costco. Not sure what that’s about, but it might have something to do with the coupling of supersizing and good deals, and the Zen-like calm it brings. Plus, few other places exist where you can literally spend an entire Saturday consuming all three meals. For free. And then leave with a sectional couch.

6. I have my team holiday party tomorrow. We got too sidetracked before the holidays, so alas - holiday cheer in January. And I am all about giving our team a break to just chill and socialize and get out from behind their computers. But I am not really looking forward to it. Why? Well, most of you don’t know this (unless you are my husband) but I have extreme social anxiety. Like, to the point I even need to take a nap during family parties because socializing truly is that exhausting for me (weird, I know – my family reading this now is probably like “huh?”). Needless to say, work parties are tough for me. My anxiety usually leads to me over-sharing during small talk (awkward for everyone), sweating profusely (hence my almost-entirely black wardrobe), and standing around aimlessly when the people I supervise suddenly realize they probably shouldn’t be discussing their personal life with their sweaty, stammering supervisor.

In the end, I usually just resign myself the supervisors table, which is akin to the grandparents table at a Sweet 16 party - there only as a courtosy/formality, but pushed into the corner, out-of-the-loop, and wondering why the music is so loud and the skirts so short.


Cassie said...

I, for one, am glad you will be back to blogging more regularly. I have missed your posts!

Ryan said...

What, all my status updates on Facebook about getting up, showering, brushing my teeth, going to the bathroom, eating breakfast, etc isn't the object of national attention? =)

Es --- IRONMAN! said...

I'm with you. I'm more a lurker/messenger on FB these days and trying to blog more. And I'm glad you will be blogging more as well, you always make me laugh...or cry...or cry while laughing.

Which IM are you doing this year???

Fave said...

I am SO happy I am not the only "Robert Pattison is not attractive" thinker out there!!

Okay obviously I have been in hibernation or hiding under a rock. maybe both. which IM are doing doing? please say IMCDA b/c I am!

maryann said...

You know Meg, I could never understand FB. Don't some of these people have anything better to do then post every 1/2 hour? I'm very happy that you will be blogging more often, because as you know I LOVE reading my girl's writting.

prin said...


#4. Meeee. I care. And I'm also a heavy poster... But the thing is, if facebook ever decides to phase out the pirate setting, I'll be bored in an hour. Really. I've tried switching back to regular English and it will be how I quit, when the time comes.

5. Costco is only fun if you have enough money to save money by buying bulk. Otherwise, it's just a sad, grossly over-indulgent bunch of people who have what you don't. Highly upsetting.

6. Weird. My guy has his Christmas party next week too. S'up with that? And also, everybody has social anxiety. That's my perception anyway. Some of us just wear it more openly. I wear mine in my bowels, so you should be content with your naps and sweats.

LassenLaw said...

I was going to say that I, for one, say "Yay" on the more frequent blogging. But then I saw that Cassie beat me to the "I, for one". So, I for two am also glad. Poo on Facebook! Go Project Procrastination!