Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Oddities That Define Me

23. I wear makeup three times a year. That's it. Why three? Because I figure that's as many parties I go to in a year's time, and that's really the only time I doll-up.
22. Despite having lived in Chicago all my 30 years and suffered through some miserable winters (this one included), I do not own a pair of snow boots, or my own hat or gloves, and got my first winter jacket last year for Christmas (I had been wearing the equivalent of a windbreaker for the last six winters).
21. The best compliment I ever received is when my sister Ellen told me I was the funniest person she knew.
20. I majored in creative writing in college, and will eventually publish a book.
19. I have a lot of regrets, which I regret.
18. I don't drink soda and haven't eaten fast food for more than half my life (unless its movie popcorn with fake butter - then all bets are off).
17. I secretly like country music. Hee-haw!
16. I can eat a whole pack of Extra Watermelon flavor sugarfree gum in a day, sometimes an hour.
15. I. LOVE.TO.DRINK. HOT.WATER. The hotter the better, sometimes so hot it melts the water bottle. I can't drink it cold. EVER.
14. I painfully pick at the skin around my nails, especially on the thumbs.
13. I get my best thinking done in the shower.
12. All of my day clothes are black (my favorite color), but most of my training clothes are pastel, including my watch. See, I can be girlie!
11. I won't do a long ride without a Bento Box full of Jolly Ranchers. But no Blue Rasberry - blech.
10. Being a triathlete does not stop me from trying to find the closest parking space.
9. My love for triathlon is mostly due to my love of training.
8. My love for training is mostly due to my love for eating (candy. lots of candy).
7. I have spent more of my life in school than out.
6. I have to wear a baseball cap to lift weights after swimming because I get terrible Goggle Eyes.
5. I secretly have a Hillary Duff song on my IPod.
4. My alarm regularly goes off at 6, yet I refuse to rise until at least 7. But I never change the alarm.
3. My favorite t.v. show is The Office, which I will watch until the point of total memorization.
2. I often put off buying shower gifts (bridal, baby) and end up having to buy the most expensive item because it is the only thing left.
1. I am very impatient. VERY.


The Big Cheese said...

[taking notes]

Meggan Ann said...


Found you through some of the other crazy triathletes out here in Blogdom. I love that your name is Megan and you're a triathlete who procrastinates. I'm a Meggan triathlete who procrastinates. What fun! :)