Friday, January 6, 2006

The Cost of Being an Ironman (An Ongoing Tabulation)

Race registration: 500.00
Wet Suit: 230.00
Running shoes and knee stabilizers: 113.00
Goggles (that leak): 15.00
Pull Buoy: 9.00
Coach (four months): 500.00
Group swim lesson: 20.00
Bike (bought secondhand from sister who only used it once) 1000.00
Aero bars add-on and bike fitting: 100.00
Nutrition bars (purchased by box, once/month): 24.00x4=96.00
Energy bars (3 boxes) - 14.00
Gym/pool memberships (84.00 per month, for four months): 336.00
Foot doctor (one visit): 225.00
Chiropractor (first visit): 75.00
Chiropractor (second, third and fourth visit) 60.00, 80.00, 60.00
New bathing suit: 48.00

Costs Soon to Incur:
New Goggles:
Airline tickets to AZ:
Food for week:
Car Rental:
Bike Shipping:

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