Monday, August 10, 2009

Hold On To Your Panties

Otherwise the sweetness you're about to witness might just blow them away!

Meet my new nephew (and godson!) Aiden Gregory Darnieder.

I was destined to be his godmother. Why? Because he looks just like me when I wake up and haven't had my coffee, eye boggies and all.

Could you NOT die at this?

I want to eat this picture up, it is so delicious. Seriously.

When Baby Nolan (Big Brother Nolan now) woke up from his nap, my mom (who was babysitting him while his mommy was at the hospital), said, "Okay, let's get our shoes on - we have to go meet Aiden!" and Nolan (in his little two-year-old voice) asked, "He came out?"

To make the transition a little easier, my sister bought Big Brother Nolan some presents with the intention of telling Nolan they were from Aiden. So when my mom was trying to get Nolan to hurry up and get dressed (I guess he was lollygagging a bit) so they could get to the hospital, she said, "And Baby Aiden brought you a present!" To which Nolan responded, "Get my shoes!"

I guess the present idea worked. Because let's be serious - presents can only improve relationships (well, unless they are of the "please forgive me for being as ass" vareity, then maybe not so much). But this one worked - and apparently, if its an erector set, complete with a crane, that relationship is pretty much destined to last a life time.


prin said...

Dang. I didn't listen and my panties blew out the window.

Awesome pics, awesome fambly. Go Ellen! Congratulations, all of you. :)

I hope everybody's happy and healthy. :)

Tri-Angle said...

Nice job Ellen!
And Dad too......

Carolina John said...

very cute!

The (IRON) Clyde said...

You're next!!

(Cue Cheese w/ a wine bottle and porn music)

rUntoNamAste said...

I held on to my panties but they still blew away. You owe me :p

These pics are darling. You're such a proud auntie and god mommy. Congrats to the whole fam.

Welcome Aiden! You have the best-est aunt ever!

Mommymeepa said...


Congratualtions. Oh my gosh what AWESOME pics. I absolutely love the one where she is kissing Nolan. I love Nolan's responses to your Mom. Priceless.

The other day my three year old nephew who lives four doors down from us asked his mom if my daughter could play.

She said, "We'll have to call their house and see."
He said, "MOoooommmmyy, houses can't talk."

Gotta love these precious kids.
Tell Ellen and the fam, congrats.