Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Finally I Can Tell!!

Anyone who knows me knows these three truths:

1. I only play the lottery when it's over $100 million, because I don't want to waste my once-and-a-lifetime win on anything less.

2. I resent when my (paying) job cuts into my (voluntary) training time.

3. I can't keep a secret if my life depended on it.

I don't expect the first two truths to change all that much, but in regards to the third:

Today is a new day, my friends.

Yes sireee - I managed to keep my big fat mouth shut for TWO WHOLE DAYS with a secret that, when I first heard it, actually made me sort of cry.

Yes, it was THAT emotional.

But I promised to wait until after the doctor's appointment until I said it.

(raise your hand if you think I'm about to announce I'm preggo)

*suspensful pause*

No. I'm not.

I still got about 11 days til I get married - one thing at a time, folks.

But it IS a birth of a different kind that was bound to happen at some point-

My little sister Devin.....IS BECOMING AN IRONMAN.

A Kentucky Ironman, to be exact.

Yes, it's true - Devin registered for IMKY 2010. Like, she actually drove down on Sunday to register yesterday morning.

When I found out, I said to my mom, "I imagined this is how you felt when you found out it you would be a grandmother."

Super duper mega proud and stupid excited.

Saying it out loud, I know it sounds weird - but I still consider IM one of my finest accomplishments - full of self-discovery and mental/physical victories. It's been over a year and a half since my race, but I can still feel much of the emotion of that day, especially as I watch other people work towards this goal too.

And to know that my sister is about to put herself through the same thing is just so overwhelming to me.

I am so excited to help her train, and listen to her stories and feelings, and to watch her grow in ways she doesn't even yet know are possible.

We can exhange chaffing solutions, talk about foggy goggles, discuss the pros and cons of liquid nutrition, talk negative splits, hash out new riding routes, learn how to change flat tires - oh, the possibilities are endless!!

Does that sound crazy?


But then again, so is Ironman.

So here's to watching a new Iron journey with Devin!


Danielle in Iowa said...

Congrats to Devin! You know that watching her train will have you itching to sign up for another!

(and to be honest, I never for a second thought that you were going to announce you were preggers :-))

MissAllycat said...

How exciting. You're all Mama Bear about this. It's cute. :)

Jenny Davidson said...

Congratulations to all concerned!

prin said...

YEY! I love how Ironman is your grandbaby. :D Kick ass, both of you! WOO!

prin said...

Oh, and so not cool about the preggo thing. I was all, "Yey I'm gonna be an auntie- oh. :(" :D

Carolina John said...

awesome! The stones it takes just to sign up for ironman..... the battle is half won already. I hope she does well.

xt4 said...

Boom! That is fantastic!

Now M ~ get your ass back in the game. ;)

rUntoNamAste said...

Mrs. Cheese,
You got me! I was about to call you because I seriously thought you were about to pop out a Jr.

But this is equally SUPER! Congrats Devin and good luck with your training. (Does Deven blog? I'd love to follow her IM journey)

Alili said...

Awesome! Go Devin!!

Pharmie said...

Being a big sis who has dragged many siblings into the sport, I can say I know just how proud you're feeling. Congratulations!

Amy said...

That is exciting. Wish we had known in advance so we could have told you to tell her to sign up for Canada instead since they did a surprise 500 online slots on Monday. Then we could have been volunteered as strippers and gotten drunk together in Penticton.

Way to show you have some big ovaries Devin!

The (IRON) Clyde said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome!!

Now it's your turn...get your a$$ up to IMWI Monday AM and sign up. Wedding or not the day before.

I AM!!!!

2010 here I come.