Sunday, March 11, 2012

Catching Up

Well hello there!

It's, uh, been quite a while, eh?

Truth told, I tried posting twice before - with weeks worth of daily updates on the fitness front. But blogger ate them up before they actually published, leading to a string of curses and me breaking up with it. But now I'm back. Let's see if this actually takes this time...

So, what's been happening in this corner of the blog world?


Yeah, that's pretty much it. It's sleep, wake, feed, play, work, work, work, work, eat, feed, sleep, wake....and so on. Between taking care of this growing man, and managing the madness of my job, it's been crazy around here.

Baby D is doing great though, if I do say so myself. Turns out, I'm not such a terrible mom after all. I mean, in practical terms, he's healthy, chunky, gaining weight and getting long, all thanks to the milkies that I manufacture. So that's pretty cool - you know, how the human body works and all.

And he's a super happy kid. 90% of the time, he's super chill, and seems to only fuss if he's sleepy or cutting teeth (which he is, albiet somewhat early). He's rolled over already last month, but hasn't done it in a few weeks, despite my prompting during daily belly time. He was getting super close to sleeping through the night (he did once, and has only been waking for one night feeding for some time now), but he's started to fall back into multiple wakings. Not sure what this is about - again, it could be the teeth thing, it could be a response to us trying to put him down a bit earlier. But whatever the case, the nights have been a slight struggle these last two weeks.

Oh, and the little dude took his first airplane trip! Went to visit the inlaws in Kansas for the weekend and he was great!

As for my fitness? Eh, it's coming. And then going.

I was doing well for a few weeks, dropped eight pounds pretty quickly (funny how clean eating and running does that), but then life hit - and by life, I mean stupid crazy work. And when work stress increases, so (oddly) does my intake of Oreos and Mike n Ikes.

And MnMs.

And newly - Ben and Jerrys.

GAH!!!! Is there no end to this list of shame?!?!?

There would be days where I would be up with the kid at night, then sit at my work computer at 8am, and not get up or look up until 7pm or later. Well, let me clarify this: I do a lot of my work from home, and you might think this would make for an ideal work sitaution. But when you work from home and have a newborn, you are basically doing two full-time jobs. And the same time. Yeah, the upside is that I get to see my kid all through the day (yay!) but the downside is that I spend my days on the phone, answering emails and reading reports - so most of thse tasks are done while I am simultaneously nursing or soothing the kid, pumping milkies, washing pump stuff and bottles, picking up the house, etc.

But please don't read that as a complaint - again, I am completely aware of the benefit of being able to work from home. I wouldn't change it for anything - I can't imagine being away from him for 8 hours at a time. It's just slightly tough some days, that's all I'm saying. And it's a lot harder to just walk away from the (endless) work at the end of the day when people need everything Right.This.Second, rather than leave it at the office. Hence, gym time can easily get pushed to the side. Over and over.

However, I have definately learned that (sorry if this sounds like some sort of cheesy inspirational poster) I am a much better person after I get a run in. I come back home, and feel like I can tackle anything baby or work. I just feel healthier, eat healthier, and much friendlier (ask my husband). Sure, right now they are hard, laborious, and I am still heavy in my weight. But a nice sweat does a body and mind good.

But there was a two week period last month where I went without working out. Not once in two weeks. So yeah, you can imagine what a sweet pea I was to be around. It got pretty ugly. And last week I only squeezed three runs in. Again - not great. And as we all know - once you miss one run, it's eaier to miss another, then another, then another. And the next thing you know, you're five pounds heavier and your muscles have started to atrophy.

Couple that with some serious binge eating (sad side effect of work stress) - and needless to say, the weight has been slow to come off. Even all the breastfeeding doesn't really seem to be making a dent, but I certainly hold myself accountable.

So that's where I have been. I'd promise to get back more regular on the posting, but I'm going to be honest. I can't hardly find time to shower some days - but I'll try to do better about it. In the meantime, here's a few picture of my porkchop. Once I shed a few more pounds, I'll get back to posting pictures of myself, but for now, this blog is only big enough for one fatty. And here he is.

He's like the King of Fatdom, looking down his belly at all the lowly subjects in his land. "Get me some more milkies, you peasent!"

Bathies are his best.

Blue Steel.

He's sitting upright on his own! Well, on his own in the Bumbo, but still. Yay for neck control! And camo pants!

"Welcome to my playmat!"

Eh, just handing in my new jeans. You know, no biggie. Just being cute, is all.

In ihgh pajamas at the airport, right before getting on the plane. He passed out shortly thereafter.

Rolls, rolls, rolls...

This guy.

That is all.


kilax said...

Aww! I love his fat little rolls! He is so cute :) Happy to hear he is doing well!

I had been wondering how you were! Working from home and watching over a baby would be SO tough! Nice for the reasons you said, but tough! Any chance that the work stress will lesson? That has been causing some crazy eating for me too! I work from home two days a week and have been trying hard to leave work at 5:00. But even when I go for a run in the middle of the day, I think about work!

Anyway, good to hear from you! Keep updating! Get those runs in :)

Graham said...

Good to see you back


Pharmie said...

I like your Pork Chop. That is all ;)

Carolina John said...

Oh that is so cute! Breastfeeding is also a tremendous calorie burn. Go for it.

prin said...

Ugh. I'm tired of people saying if you work from home, you're not allowed to complain. You ARE. Because it sucks to not have boundaries between your life and your work. And it sucks to feel like you're supposed to be appreciating things when really, things kind of suck. Yes, you're there with your little man, and yes, it's nice to see him, but man, it'd be so much nicer to be able to give him undivided attention, wouldn't it? Yes. Because I know, even if you're not working, work is in the back of your mind and that doesn't usually happen as badly if you leave the work at 5 or whatever and leave it behind- and when you get home, you're tuned *in* instead of being elsewhere all day.

Each has its pros and cons.

/end rant

Also the pictures are awesome. He's such a fatty! <3 And I never doubted you'd be awesome at momming.