Friday, May 25, 2007

And now a word from our sponsors...

Good Evening, and Welcome to Nolanline.

I am your host tonight, and every night, Baby Nolan.
Tonight, we are honored to be joined by Mouth Binky and Mr. Foot. Their imput in past shows, such as "Pampers or Loves: When the ELastic Stretchs Too Thin" and "Onesies: A Trend Gone Too Far?" has been invaluable, and we have asked them back tonight.
Folks, our focus this evening is on two serious matters, matters near to that hearts of babies world wide - Bubble Baths and Milkies.

Milkies! Milkies! Milkies! I love Milkies!! Where's my bottle, Where is it? I see it over there! Milkies come here! I LOVE MILKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wait - where was I?

Mr. Foot... mouth binky...bubble-

Oh that's right. So tonight we'll address bubble baths - what brands are best for baby soft skin, and the ever growing debate: Mr. Bubbles or Johnson and Johnson? We address these hard-hitting issues direct from our own bubble bath, where we--

Wait....hold on...I'm getting a feed from my producer...Mom, what are you saying? No bubbles? This isn't that type of bath right now?...."just a cool-off in the kitchen sink?"

Well now what kind of hootinanny kind of show is this? Do they know who I am? I'm Baby Nolan, for crying out loud!!! This is my show! MY SHOW! And if I want bubbles, then I get BUBBLES!!

You know, forget this! I don't need this hassle! We'll see what the people over in corporate at the Disney Channel have to say about this when I tell them to shove it up their diaper. Get my agent over here! DADDDDDDDD!!!!!


Benson said...

Stop, stop! I'm busting my gut here. so funny! I'm gonne hit up my sponsors for bubble baths. Nolan rocks!

stronger said...

You are hillarious...I mean Nolan is hillarious and darling! What a handsome little man.

momo said...

omg, meg, he ALMOST makes me want to have another! ;-) what a cutie.