Tuesday, May 1, 2007

So Baby Nolan Calls Me...

Baby Nolan: Hiiii, Auntie Megan...What-chaaa doin?

Auntie Megan: Well hello Baby Nolan - I almost didn't recognize your voice without the "Wail of Terror" tone usually attached to it!

Baby Nolan: Yeah...Mommy gave me something something called...umm...nyquil? It's niiice...finally got myself some good sleep last night.

Auntie Megan: Well you sounds much more relaxed then the last time I saw, when even tubby time couldn't calm you down!

Baby Nolan: Yeah, Auntie Megan, you see, sometimes ya'all just gotta chill, man....you know...I mean, look at me, so happy...

Auntie Megan: I know what you mean, little dude. I had a bad back day yesterday and little sleep this weekend, but I tried to stay calm all day, not let things get to me too much.

Baby Nolan: Right on man! See that's what I talking about....love, diapies, milkies, burpies, a good swaddle - it's all good....

Auntie Megan: Uh, yeah, just like that. But I think what you're trying to say is to appreciate the life you have, not the one you don't.

Baby Nolan: Daddy let me watch basketball last night. And then he convinced mommy that a day of tournament play the day before was good for the development of my visual motor skills.

Auntie Megan: Uh, I think the sleep is wearing off...


Baby Nolan: Uhh! That chicken burrito is just going through me today! So what were we saying?
Auntie Megan: Basketball?
Baby Nolan: Right on. So here we are, hanging like dudes yesterday, and then Mommy comes in and she's all "Nolan has to go to bed" and the Daddy's like, "But he's really into the game right now!" And the Mommy's all, "Honey, he just threw up on himself - you gonna take care of that?" and Daddy's back, "In a minute, it's almost half time." So then Mommy comes over, takes me away from the television and changes me. Then we got to go shopping! Mommy kept mumbling something about about "Daddy owes me..." but she got me and her lots of new stuff so I think she's better!!!
Auntie Megan: Well, good for you guys! I can't wait to see you new stuff!
Baby Nolan: Hey, check out my new cycling skills!

Baby Nolan: I've been practicing all night long when they put me in that crib - i just can't seem to get my heart rate where I want for this cadence, but I guess it will come. Then I try working on my running form - see, like this, arms flailing about, legs going every which way - just like you auntie Megan! Sure does make me exhausted in the morning though....I think that's why I cry so much.
Auntie Megan: Well, you might be over-training. I understand how the love of multisport can really get your heart racing, though.
Baby Nolan: (Sigh) Amen, Auntie Megan. So when can you come over and we can go for a run in my saucer chair?
Auntie Megan: Well, this weekend we are going to Tennessee to see you uncle, Big Nolan, graduate from college, so maybe next weekend.
Baby Nolan: Graduate?!?! He's like 40!
Auntie Megan: No, silly Nolan. He's only 23. And he prefers "mature student."

Baby Nolan: Well, it would be good to meet him at least - I hear he's quite a ladies man and a good baseball player. Think he could take me to some games or teach me how to be an All-American catcher like him?
Auntie Megan: I think that can be arranged.

Baby Nolan: Yeah, you think? Really? Awesome! Well, I guess I 'll see you at that airport! Hang in there with your back!
Auntie Megan: And keep up that training!
Baby Nolan: Love ya!
Auntie Megan: Love ya right back!

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KrissyGo! said...

LOL...what is the determining factor in fathers' high tolerance for their child to wallow in his own excrement? My friend left her baby with her husband for a much-needed Mommy-only trip out of the house. When she returned, the baby was covered in his own POO and the father didn't seem to think there was any rush to remedy that.

I dunno, I _guess_ I can make the stretch to a stinky kid having some sort of charm...but only if the stinky is contained within the diaper!