Sunday, May 13, 2007

A Mother and a Master(s)

This year in my family, we have two mothers - one new, one old. We have my mom, the woman who birthed and raised us, and my sister Ellen, who is a mom of four months. And I think we are all familiar with her Baby Nolan:

What a ham.

Anyway, I would like to say Happy Mother's Day to both of the moms - I believe with all my heart you have hardest job in the world. And that's why I will leave it up to you!

Also today, we have the graduation (yes, another one!) of my sister Devin, who earned her Masters in Education from Northeastern Illinois University. While I will leave my graduation post to her for tomorrow (I want to include pictures which we don't have yet), I would like to say that there truly is no one better in the world that can do her job - she is hands-down the most creative, loving, motivated teachers in the field and it would have been an honor to be one of her students. I believe when you love something, the right job finds you, and after all her hard book-work, she is doing what she is meant to do - teach. Dev, to say you amaze me is a ridiculous understatement.

So hats of to the moms and the Master!

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