Monday, June 25, 2007

El Weekend Grande!!!!!

This is one of the best posts ever! I am so excited to say Congratulations to Momo, Susan, and TriJack for their finishes in Ironman CDA, CDA and Switzerland, respectively. Some have updated their sites, but we anxiously awaits pics and stories from others. Stronger had some great photos of Momo and her family, and it looks like it was a great day out there!

Back here in the farm land of Illinois, I cheered Larry on to his second 1/2 Ironman finish this season. He finished at 5:08:00 for a 21st place finish, one spot up from last year. He looked great and felt great, and if I had a better camera, I would have pics, but I will have to post those later. It was a fun weekend all around and I feel so proud of all the finishers!!!!!!


Duane said...

Hey Meg! Have you signed up for next year yet?

TriJack said...

thank you meg!! i can't wait to cheer you across the line when your time comes...

woah - larry is speedy!