Saturday, June 30, 2007

Much Deserved

Yesterday I went to my sister's house to hang before one of my appointment's, and she said to me, "I got a bone to pick with you." I was like, "Great, what did I do now?" And she's all, "Why the heck don't you post anymore?"

Out loud I said:


And in my mind I said,

"Mostly because my work days have become 18 hours long, and the six I don't work, I am either showering, doing laundry, eating, or, god help me fact, today I am technically on vacation, but instead I am answering calls from work, and seeing clients in private practice, which is the only way I can see them - by taking vacation days from the full-time job - and my completer time is, at best, limited to reading the never-ending flow of reports, writing my own, or answering work emails through bleary eyes."

And then out loud, I answered:

"Maybe next Monday."

Clearly, I am running low on fuel, my throat is killing, which is always a sign I am run down, and my once-sharp wit has turned into biting cynicism, mostly reservered for those near and dear like my family, while the sweet, understanding, "sure I'll do all your work so you can go on vacation for two weeks" Megan gets projected in the work place.


Well, hold up - I need to back up for a second. I am not quite the monster I paint myself to be. I vent here, for sure, but rarely in my actual life anymore. I actually work at letting things go, but I am really burning the candle at both ends, so I get a little exasperated every now and then. I guess at timesI just feel kinda irritable, but I am not that bad.

I can honestly say that I go to bed each night and reflect on my gratitude for my life. Sure I work my butt off, but I am sure glad I have job (or two, or three...) And my family? Awesome, and moving ahead. In fact, right now I am sitting in a brand new wood cabin in Saugatuk, Michigan, listening to my family laugh on the back porch and my nephew cry because he's crabby, and smelling the dinner cooking in the oven. I am grateful that my bikini still fits from last year (mostly), that I have a new tan just in one day, and that I have two more days of chillin.' We are here celebrating my mom's 60th, and for that alone I am grateful. I even took Monday off to stay an extra day.

And hundreds of miles to our south, my little brother is proposing tonight to his girlfriend.

Seriously, how can i complain?

Oh, and my own birthday is around the corner...and believe e, I have a lot to say about that!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

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