Friday, June 22, 2007

Where Am I Again?

It's almost 1AM. I am still up working on a report after sleeping for only three hours last night due to working on another report. I have absolutely nothing useful or really even remotely funny to say right now. It's more that I am posting because I have no one else to talk to and I need to take my eyes off of Microsoft Word for a second and all my real live friends are likely sleeping.

I started physical therapy last week, did I mention that? I am working with one of the guys that is a partner with Athletico (does anyone else have those where they live?) He mostly works with professional athletes and when I saw all the pictures that his clients have signed and sent him saying "thanks" I asked if he was going to put one up of me when I crossed the finish line at Ironman. He humored my by saying, "Of course!" and then made me a whole bunch of shit that had my ass muscles burning for three days. And I loved every second of it. Well....every second I wasn't on the verge of tears of shame about my general core weakness, made oh-so obvious my my total inability to do things like Planks or balancing on that stupid see-saw thing with my feet.


I left yesterday thinking, "I will never embarrass myself like that again - from here on out, I am working on my exercises EVERYDAY if it kills me." So I have been. Well, at least today.

My back is moving along slowly. This weekend while a bunch of bloggers are out running down their Ironman dreams, I am going to watch Larry do another half-Iron in Effingham. Those who can't, cheer - Right?


Duane said...

I came ot love the see-saw thing once I mastered it, but glad to see your working that butt! Have a great weekend and take a nap!

Duane said...

It's Saturday night, just wanted to say hi. "Hi" :-)

Anonymous said...

Stop being so negative and get your ass back in shape. You made it to the start line last time, but your body made you stop. Get up and do your exercises and chase down those demons that dont want you to succeed. Dad needs something to brag about in heaven.

Anonymous said...

one more thing...You are still chasing your dreams of Ironman even if you are not competing. If you keep on feeding yourself this crap you will start to believe it and then you will NEVER get to that finish line. The pity party is OVER!