Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hello Old Friend

In honor of the new year 2010, I decided to break from my usually Facebook stalking and write a sinkin’ post.

No way does it have anything to do with the barrage of emails and texts from family members wondering about the lack of posting.

Nothing at all.

Or you, Angie F.

Naw, I kid, I kid – I need a little accountability when it comes to this thing nowadays, and I appreciate the "where in the world are you?" check-ins.

It's just that most of the time, I just don’t feel I have a ton to say anymore.

Well, at least not race/training wise - I'm fat and out of shape. That sums it up.

However, in regards to all stuff local/world/political, I usually have a mindful of stuff, espeically with the nonstop news/reading of the last few months.

But given the firestorm of last year, I haven't quite recovered from bashing and hence am keeping most of my thoughts in that regard to after-dinner conversations.

Interestingly, taking those topics off the table for this blog has been a hard decision to make too - after all, this is my blog, I should be able to say anything I want, no?

But there's too much emotion involved on both sides, and my thoughts were being massively misinterpreted all the time. I just got tired of having to justify my opinion, and later read comments by other people about me on other sites (yeah, I read those)that it just wasn't worth the anger and frustration.

Wait, hang on – I gotta poop.

Hey, it’s early morning (for me) and the coffee’s kicking in – give me a break.



Okay, I’m back.

Where was I?



Quick relate side note here - I’ve developed this new (to me) habit of the bathroom.

I read in there now.

I know it’s not that weird because a lot of people do, but for me it is.

See, as someone who drinks a ton of water and already spends an inordinate amount of time in the bathroom, I never quite understood the willful spending of additional minutes browsing some random magazine while trying to pinch one off.

I am generally a wait-til-the-very-last-second-it-falls-out-then-sprint-to-the-bathroom-and-drop-it-flush-wash-and-leave kinda gal.

But two things happened over the holidays to change all of this:

1. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I had at least four airplane trips, and hence lots of constipation, thus requiring me to spend extra time in the loo working for the pay-off.

2. I found both a Runner’s World and a Triathlete magazine I got at least two months back that I must have (gasp!) thrown into my nightstand reading pile and forgot about. Seeing as how the absolutely MUST get read, I decided I would pass my excruciating painful waste of minutes crapping by reading them.

And voila! A new habit is born.

So bowel movements aside, let’s give a run down of the last month since my absence:

Cheese’s recovering…
Two Christmas’s in Kansas…….
Yup, that about sums it up.

Can you see why I haven’t posted?

Basically between work, Cheese's arm, more work, and the holidays, I haven’t really had a ton to say. Life just…is.

Once I get my act together I am going to come up with a list of resolutions, though.

I used to not make any, and really I still don’t, but this year for some reason, I really like the idea of the “Reset” button. It’s been a good year in many respects (what with getting married and all), but I have also let some things slide, so I like the idea of kick starting some newer/better habits, you know?

So sit tight, and I promise I will power off that list in the next 24 hours.

And most likely from the bathroom.


Tyger Lily said...

M!!!!! I have missed you! I just discovered facebook this year and have actually not kept up on blogs either! I'm gonna look for ya on facebook and I will let you know who I am so hopefully you will friend me. Sorry to hear that you were getting bashed! I have always felt that you posts were very thought provoking. Anyway, Happy New Year to you and cheese!

Anonymous said...

There she is!!!!!!!!! All I needed to see was you talking bout pinchin one off and all those mean texts i sent i take back. hope you enjoy bambi. now i gotta go take a dump and play brick breaker

prin said...

I'll admit it. I cringed when I saw a hot lady had written "pinch one off". :D

I like the political posts! Screw the opposition, I say! I love your rants.

And I'm glad life is dull and comfy. The best ones usually are. :D

rUntoNamAste said...

Holy crap, [pun intended] where the bleep have you been?!?!? Yea yea, I know you 'splained, but you were really missed in blogland. Seriously!

Although I'll miss your ragings, I agree that the firestorm isn't worth the peace of mind. It's your opinion and you are very well entitled to it, but a lot is lost in translation via the inter-webs.

Glad to hear that Hubby is recovering well. Happy New Year to the both of you. I for one am stupid excited about our plans later this year. Welcome back chica ;)

kodiacbear said...

Yeah! Welcome back Poopsie! Just sent you an email. Glad ur back.

Alili said...

Oh how I've missed you.