Tuesday, January 5, 2010


As noted in the previous post, I decided to make a list of resolutions.

Oh I know – you are probably saying, “I NEVER make resolutions. They’re so silly!”

Well, true - and honestly I have never been one to make them, either.

But like I said in a previous post, I like the idea of a “Reset” button.

See, my list is comprised of things that I already do, I just want to do BETTER.

And frankly, I need goals.

So with that said, here they are – my life but BETTER.

My Resolutions:

1. Tell it like it is.
Fuck it. I am so sick of sugar-coating people’s self-denials and excuses. I am no longer supporting their delusions. Have a long history of not ever following through on ANYTHING, but rather digging in your bag of excuses to soften the blow of your failure? Don’t come see me, because I will call you out like a nun in Catholic school. It’s not a complete erasing of my empathy, but rather this new behavioral change will be reserved for those among us who are chronic bullshitters. I mean, someone has to say it, and I suspect the rest of the people in your life aren’t, or we wouldn’t be in the position, now would we?

2. Train better.
Speaking of being called out on denials – I’m calling myself out on this one. Yeah, I work out regularly. But I need to concentrate on doing more than just lollygagging for an hour on the bike in front of my tv. If there’s no sweat, it never happened.

Towards that end, I have become quite a fan of hill interverals on the treadmill and will start speed intervals as well. I figure since I am not doing a ton of distance stuff this season (and by distance stuff I mean full Ironman), I might as well try to quicken myself up and perhaps lose a pound or two in the process.

And like I mentioned, fear IS my greatest motivation. Sure, there’s fear of having a shitty race season or never getting better/faster/stronger – watching your race results stagnant while all your peers fly by with their Kona-bound dreams. But more importantly, there’s fear of looking like John Goodman’s more attractive-yet-just-as-fat-twin in my race photos. If I have to look at another picture of myself in my tri-suit looking like something processed in the Oscar Meyer factory, or glimpse my ass in a three-way mirror looking like I was beat with a bag of nickels, I will scream.

No mas, mi amigos. No mas.

It’s a new day.

3. Eat Better.
This anti-denial thing is becoming a theme, isn’t it?

This resolution should really read: eat less candy and cupcakes, you fatass. See, turns out that I actually eat pretty well – veggies, lean meats, fruits by the truckload.

But my reality is that these are usually sandwiched between peanut MnM’s, Spice Gum Drops, and brownies. And this has GOT to change.

I mean, there is no point working my ass off at the gym, then turning around and mowing a box of Mike n Ikes, right? What a waste. So I try to ask myself as I go for another cookie: “How many miles is this going to cost you?” Sometimes it helps, and sometimes the licorice bits win out. But sometimes is better than no times, right? And me being a lazy person, I don’t want to run any more miles than necessary, you know?

So my goal here is this – set aside crap-food craving until Sunday. If I want to still rot my face out with a super-size box of Dots, then I can have at it. But my hope is that I won’t, or that I will get to Sunday, and only be able to eat a few.


4. Be a Better Person
Okay, let me explain this. If left to myself, I would sit in my house all day, get my work done, and then just read, read, read. It’s the hermit-tendencies in me, I admit. And I think my mom would tell you that I have always been that way – I like to be by myself.

But it doesn’t work really well when you have family, friends, and a husband all demanding attention.

So rather than give in to my own self desires of solitary confinement (I love you Andy Dufraine), I will make a better effort at getting out, participating in life, and sharing my time with others. You know - get busy living (there you are again, Andy!)

And like it.

That said, under this resolution is the promise to give back – Cheese and I have talked about this a bit already. See, in high school, I was all about community service – perhaps it was Jesuit upbringing – but I did just about everything, including a out-of-state trip to rural Kentucky to build houses.

But as an adult, like a lot of stuff, community service just fell by the wayside – what with my busy schedule of Facebook stalking, Biggest Loser-watching, movie attending, and general life observing/bitching.

Now granted, I give a lot of money (“a lot” being relative to my income and the Joe Biden) to various causes and charities. But I have been a bit more selfish with my time, and that’s not cool.

So in becoming a better person, I will actively give back my time to a valuable cause. It’s about darn time.

5. Be a more patient person.
Wow, did this little flaw bubble to the surface this year. Now, to be fair, most people say that they don’t see this side of me, but I know it’s there and it bothers me. See, I always sort of border on the fence between “good psychologist” and “bat-shit-rip-your-head-off-type-crazy” on any given day. But I really noticed I has taken a sharp dive to the latter side of the yard this year, particularly as work started to pile up. The more cases we got, the more cases I began to take on, and the more families I had to see face-to-face.

And let me tell you – nothing boils my blood more than a selfish, dysfunctional parent who justifies child abuse by their own hands, or exposing their child to daily domestic violence because they don’t think the kids actually sees it.

Some days, it’s all I can do not to haul off and punch these people in their smug-ass faces. I know - not good for a psychologist to say. But it’s one thing to neutrally assess, analyze and treat this dysfunction (which I do very well, thankyouverymuch), and a whole ‘nother to be a human being with feelings and empathy for the kids.

So my vow is to really try to improve this patience thing by any means possible. I have no plan, and might just have to wing it.

I know – good luck, right?

So that about sums up my personal goals for this year. Basic, and nothing to obscenely hard, like climb Mt. Everest – which, BTW, I would NEVER do because I effing hate this cold weather.

And “try new things” didn’t make the list this year anyways.

But perhaps, if reminded, I will do a mid-year check to see my progress.

Here’s to hoping there is some.


Lauren said...

I should cut and paste your resolutions. Srrsly. :)

MissAllycat said...

Dude, I should copy these, too. Especially #3.

My motto to myself this year is "nothing tastes as good as skinny feels"

Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't.

(Guess who ate popcorn and ice cream for dinner tonight? THIS GIRL. Faaaaak. Maybe it's time for a new motto.)

rUntoNamAste said...

Love em all but I'm taping #1 to my cubicle right now.

prin said...

1. How do we benefit from such a service? Is there a fee involved?

2. "If there’s no sweat, it never happened." Um. What if I don't sweat properly? Does it count? Or am I just making excuses for my laziness?

lol @ nickels. :D

3. Don't call my hot friend a fatass. And lol @ you being lazy. What are dots?

4. Yey! I think that's a good one. Probably would be the hardest for me, even though I don't run... or stifle my candy urges...

5. Good luck. :) I don't doubt that you're more patient than you give yourself credit for.

6. Yey! You're coming to Canada!? WOOO!!

Fine. There was no #6. Pfft.

21stCenturyMom said...

I love it when a plan comes together and I would venture to say that resolutions #1 and #5 will go together nicely. Just cut through the bullshit and you won't need to patient - job done!

As for this one "I mean, there is no point working my ass off at the gym, then turning around and mowing a box of Mike n Ikes, right? " I can so relate. I'm not sure if you think about how many miles of running you'll have to do to make up for it or how many miles you ran that have just been rendered null and void but I like to think of the latter - makes the bag of chocolate chips (my personal vice) a lot less seductive.

And I LOVE the 'save for Sunday' plan. That alone will probably save you 3,000 calories a week because face it - you can't probably eat 6 days worth of crap in one day, expert though you are.

Nice list! Happy New Year, Meg!

21stCenturyMom said...

oops - "to be patient" or "patience" on that first paragraph. Yes, I know you could figure that out. Maybe I need to resolve not to correct my writing in blog comments :-)

Mommymeepa said...

i"m so glad to have you back in blogland. I've missed you. These are all great resolutions. I know you can do it and I'll help you. BIG HUGS!!! Love ya!!

Borsch said...

That is a good list for 2010! I can steal 2 & 3?

Alili said...

Ooh, I like the volunteering one. Actually, I like all of them. So glad you're back in the blogosphere.

愛的理由 said...
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