Friday, September 21, 2007

You Never Forget How To Ride a Bike

So today I finally sucked down the fear and got my butt on my bike. No excuses today - the weather was stellar and the company was willing to go at my slow pace (thanks Larry!). So here I go!!
Looking down at Sheridan Road, the stretch which I once road over and over and over for IM Arizona. I remember bitching about how sick I was of riding the same path so many times. Today, I could have kissed the ground.

My partner in crime - although he did scold me for trying to take pictures while riding a bike. I guess maybe that wasn't the smartest thing to do when you get back on a bike after a six-month back rehab. Oh well.

Yeah, so I'm a little happy. This was taken on the side road going back home. What you can't see is my windedness and burning quads, compliments of the six-month lay-off. By the way, you may have noticed that I am sans helmet - I most certainly do not advocate this, but it was left at my sister's house from the last move, and I was too lazy to ride by and get it today. But alas, I will have it for the next ride!

And Larry again. What a good sport!
So after all of that, I manage to get back home, ice my back, suck down some Ibuprofen (to be safe) and do some stretches before meeting with my real estate agent about the offer I just put in on a house (that will definitely be the next post!)

So as the day winds down, I'll leave you all with this:


Cindy Jo said...


Congrats on getting back in the saddle. It is SO HARD to do those first few rides. I know - I pretty much start over every year!

Brent Buckner said...

Nice to see that your rehab is progressing!

I'll unbox my bike today. No, really, I mean it....

Wil said...

YEAH that's why you're my friend. OK, well one of the many reasons :) and super kudos to for hitting the bike again!

nolan's mommy said...

Were the gummy bears and red vines waiting at the finish line for the victory lap?

momo said...

woo-hoo, meg! way to get out there - looks like a beautiful day to start anew!

Kelly Kiana's Tri-Blog said...

Glad you are back! IM AZ coming up!

DV said...

great job meg! moving again already? i don't envy that any!!

Andrew said...

Good Job M & M!
Did you wear your Butt Butter?