Saturday, May 2, 2009

11 Minutes... the difference between last week's half-marathon in Nashville, and this weekend's half-marathon in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

And guess what I got for those 11 minutes?

A PR, a medal, and a hunk of chedder cheese in the shape of Wisconsin.

And if that wasn't enough (I know, you would think it would be with the cheese, right?!?), I finally got to meet fellow blogger Spie. Talk about a baddass- not only did she run a 1:43 half-marathon, but she turned around and hosted a BBQ at her house afterwards.

Me? I laid in my hotel bed with ice on my knees whining about my mentrual cramps, and Spie puts together and throws a party.

With S'mores brownies.

And yes, they are as good as they sound.

It was a perfect way to celebrate a great race - good food and lots of laughs.

And now, I have a whole Sunday to look foward to....


prin said...

Awesome. I can't even imagine running a 100m with cramps. You're a superstar.

Amy said...

You know what? You're freaking NUTS! with extra cashews. A whole can full of nuts. Without peanuts (because they aren't really nuts) I could barely make it through a 2 hour ride this morning and you were out running a second half mary in a week. NUTZ!

rUntoNamAste said...

Cheese? Now that's my kind of half marathon. Oh the glory!
Congrats woman. Kicking ass as always.
p.s. if we don't get to meet in 2009, we will meet in 2010 for sure.

At the Chicago Marathon.

Oh yes, you're running it!

Mommymeepa said...

You never cease to amaze me. YOU ROCKED AND ROLLED your half mary. I so know what kind of cheese you are talking about. My son is obsessed with cheese and I bought that for him as a souvenir one time when I went to Wisconsin. I think they should give cheese out at IMWI too. Great to hear from you and hear how you are so freakin' awesome.

T. said...

Good Job M!
I would've traded in my marathon medal today for a hunk o' cheese, even minus the wisconsin shape. Hmmm cheese.
I am ravenous!!!!

man those s'mores brownies sound delicious- did you get the recipe?

Captain Cactus said...

WI shaped cheese as a prize! That's awesome! Way better than the medal that's going to sit on a shelf and collect dust. I'm all about the consumable prizes.

Ellen said...

yawn....give me a new post