Friday, May 22, 2009

Can I Sue?

I mean fuck, everyone else does.

But my reason should be legitimate.

See, I set up Google Alerts to alert me everytime someone links me or mentions me in the Internet. I did this when I was going through the whole gotta-make-my-blog-private-because-who-know-who-is-reading.

And about once a week, I get alerts - sometimes I don't pay attention, but today I did.

And lo-and-fucking-behold, there is another Project Procrastination blog out there.

Same name, but his about fashion, and he adds two numbers in it, so it reads, "projectprocratination##.blogspot."


It looks like the asshat started his little fashion blog in 2009


copyrighted it!!

Well slap my ass and call me mama.


Now, one might find it odd that I feel so territorial over my blog name.

But after almost three years and almost 600 posts, it's be a super big part of my life. And moreover, most of you guys never met me face-to-face, so the blog is the only way most people know me.

So yeah, it's part of an identity, and I am sure most of you feel similarly about your own blogs.

So, uh, yeah.

I guess if you want to read about Hermes scarves and Prada satchels and shoes, then check this guy out (but google him because I refuse to link his site).

Otherwise, this is the only Project that counts.

Damn bitch.

And in case you missed this on your way out to summer's first long weekend:

Apparently 1 in 5 adults admit to peeing in pools.

Or using my master deduction skills, apparently 1 in 5 adults are triathletes.


prin said...

Yeah, that's lame. A lot of people put the copyrighty thingy to deter people, but don't actually get legal copyrights.

And really, the guy uses images from other websites, and I highly doubt he pays for the rights to use them, which legally, he has to since his page has tons of advertising on it.

rUntoNamAste said...

sooooo, what does the word 'procrastination' have anything to do with fashion again?

Cycling + man bags = ?!?!?!

On another note, this goes to show how much of a great techie I am. Did NOT know about this google alert thinger you mentioned. While I'm slowly marching down the hall of tech shame, can you please educate me on this alert? Surely I could Google it, buuuut too lazy right now.

Thank ya!

rUntoNamAste said...

oh and peeing while immersed in any body of water is!

The Young Family said...

Oh go ahead and sue!

It would make me feel better!

momo said...

never never never pee in the pool! i don't even want to know that stuff!

RBR said...

I looked it up, you CAN sue someone for being a douchebag.

Legal precedent.

Borsch said...

You should track that biatch down and break his knee caps!

I know a guy who knows a guy who can take care of this for us!

Nytro said...

who the fuck copyrights a blog?

sersly. he should be sued for being an insult to humanity due to COPYRIGHTING A DAMN BLOG.

Vertical Man said...

Actually, yes you CAN sue though that's not saying you SHOULD. Copyright is based on first USE - which is you because of your long and (dare I say it) colorful blogging history. So send him a nasty e-mail. Or we, your loyal readers can just go leave nasty comments all over his sorry blogging ass.