Wednesday, January 11, 2012

So That's Where They Put the Gym!

Wanted to first say that I appreciate all the well wishes and comments on the previous post. I usually try to respond to all email notifications of the comments, but for some reason when I hit reply lately, it just gives me that generic “no-reply blogger” email address. It only lets me respond to a handful of people, so I apologize if I can’t get to your email. But I really appreciate them.

To that end, there are a couple of things that I wanted to respond to from the comments:

1. In regards to breastfeeding – I too have come to walk around the house in my nursing bra and/or nothing at all – heck, it’s my house, and the nips need a breather, you know? Many a day you might see me lounging on the couch, dark circles under my eyes, baby passed out with the milk-drunks next to me, and a shirt nowhere to be found. Some days, especially the ones when he feeds every hour, it’s simply not worth the effort to keep putting it on and off. The only time this didn’t work was when my in-laws were in town for a week for Christmas. After all, we may be close, but we are not THAT close. The last thing any of us need is for my father-in-law to be making a midnight potty-run and see my big old milkers hanging out in the living room, baby on one end and half-asleep mama on the other.

2. You haven’t lived until you’ve literally sucked the snot out of your child’s nose. With your own mouth, yo.

3. I mentioned this in the previous post, but it’s worth reiterating – doody does fly. And airborne doodys are (ahem) messy. And stain.

4. Been living in my sweats for a while (post-pregnancy gift from my friend A, from Victoria’s Secret, size Large, and oh-so-comfortable). My husband thinks I’ve become one of those women who have just given up. Not true, I say. “Giving up” happens the day I ask for a minivan.

But the wonders of motherhood aside, I’d also like to proudly announce that I did make it to the gym – four weeks and one day since my stomach was cut open and my world changed with my new little man (although coupled with the previous few months of bedrest and inactivity, it’s felt like a year since I broke a sweat not related to my intake of French fries, pie or hot wings). I didn’t get medical clearance yet, but I was getting sick of sitting around complaining about how jiggly and heavy and I was, and needed to do something about it.

Also at the gym, I had the displeasure of stepping on a scale since a week before delivery. The way I figured it, I had gained somewhere around 45 pounds during pregnancy, and estimated that I had about 20 pounds of residual baby weight to lose. Turns out that it’s, uh, slightly more than 20 pounds. I mean, 20 pounds was bad enough, and I felt mentally prepared to deal with the scale’s reality, but nothing prepared me for the number that I actually saw.

So here goes my admission. My ground zero. My starting block. The largest weight hurdle I have ever had to overcome.

I am 30 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight.


And yes, that’s with the baby OUTSIDE my body.

Granted, some of that might have to do with my cartoonishly large bosoms, but seriously – the rest of it is in my belly, ass, and thighs.

Possibly a few pounds in my neck and double chins.

Maybe a few in my elephant-ears upper arms.

Ugh. I’m gross. Just GROSS. I want to barf Pop Tarts just thinking about this mess I call my body.

But instead of crying (I save that for the 3am feedings), I sucked it up, mounted the elliptical, and pressed Start. I made it through 25 minutes, and oddly considered that a victory.

And then after that, I got on the treadmill. Can’t run just yet, but I jacked the incline and walked as long as I could before I could no longer tolerate the moldy stink coming from the man next to me. Which was 20 minutes.

And then I hit some quick weights.

And then my boobs were going to explode and I knew there was a one-month old about a mile away wondering where his lunch was, so I called it a day and headed home.

Overall, I feel good that I did it. It wasn’t much, but it was a start. And considering I was ready to make yet another excuse this morning to NOT go, I consider it a win (and I had a REAL good one to skip yet again, be it that the previous night was our most challenging yet, with Baby D having a cold, difficulty breathing, and thus difficulty feeding. Cue a major crying episode – both mama and child – and 5am was a bit of shit show at our house.)

(Side note: I know I am making motherhood sound awful, but the truth is, minus a couple of rough moments, our kid is great. I need to give the little chubby pork chop some credit – he’s in this crazy unfamiliar, loud, and bright world filled with all sorts of confusion, and yet he seems to handle it like a champ. He’s gaining weight, getting long and even gives us a smile here and there. But who wants to hear about all the awesomeness when there are dirty diapers, erratic sleep, crying jags and gassy infants to wail about, right? Right.)

As for the fitness, I don’t have much time to be making any more excuses anyways – I registered for the Wisconsin half-marathon – to continue my streak of running that race every year – and it’s a mere five months away. I don’t anticipate a PR (which I had two years ago there), but I know I can finish if I get my training in order.

Plus, my ass needs a healthier goal than “how many times can you eat at Five Guys in six months time?” Shit, I PR'd that bitch back in pregnancy month 6.

And here' is what I have to show for that nutritional acheivement:

How I spent my New Years Eve.

First bath - success!

Tryin' to be all fancy and stuff. At least he knew to color-coordinate his outfit to with his soothie. He's smooth like that. And not at all like his hygeine-and-fashion-challenged mother.

Well, I think we know who he got his forehead from.

One month old in this picture. My son and his baby Buddha belly. This kid barely misses a meal, lemme tell ya.

Almost outgrown his bassinet in just four weeks. He'll be stepping it up to the crib soon!


WildChildT said...

He is so adorable!!! flying poo and all. Good job on the gym, I'll bet that was such a challenge. Those 30lbs may seem like a lot but hang in there, breast-feeding and gym time will eat up those pounds in no time. Be patient with your body:)and make sure you rest too! You may feel gross but looking at your last pictures you look beautiful!

Pharmie said...

I think I tried to comment on your last post a few weeks ago and failed. I maintain that being a new mom is quite possibly the most UN glamerous (sp?) thing you can be. You feel chubby and giggly in way too many places, you're sleep deprived, and you're most likely covered in some sort of bodily fluid (and good luck getting time to shower it off...). Plus, unless you're holding the baby, nobody knows you just popped one out, and you feel extra fat (vs pregnancy when you have an obvious belly).

Everybody will tell you this, but don't worry about the weight. I was up 43 pounds or so. By 4 months, I was down 30. By 6 months, it was all gone. All of it. Without trying. It sounds like forever, but it'll come fast, and one day you'll reach into the back of your closet and pull out your pre-pregnancy skinny pants, and they will fit :)

The lil man is adorable. He's chunking up nicely :)

Carolina John said...

So you spend that much effort talking about the giant bazingas and only show pictures of the baby and husband? You think you're that gross? Sure the husband is cute and all, but c'mon.

Give in to the van. totally worth it.

The first few months of motherhood is a challenge unlike anything anyone who never does it will ever have to face. At least an Ironman is over in one day. Now can you understand how sleep deprivation gets used to torture enemy prisoners into giving up their information? I promise it doesn't last that long and is totally worth it in the end.

breastfeeding also burns about 500 calories a day, so I promise the 30 lbs will melt off quickly. Adorable baby pics, and great job getting back out there for a workout!

kilax said...

Oh my gosh! His expression with the duck cape! Love it!

And I have to say, I love the way you write about motherhood. So frank and funny :) Love it!

I am happy you made it to the gym. Good for you! I hope you get those 30 pounds off in the timeframe you want.

I am running the WI half again this year! Meet-up?

I do not understand how to put my email in blogger for comments responses, so here it is for future reference :)

Alili said...

I'm with Pharmie - new mom = unglam...and those that somehow manage to make it all look fabulous? Well, I hate them a little. You're kicking butt mama!

prin said...

I'll be the voice of the finger waggle...

Can you please get clearance before going all IronPerson again? For meee? *worries* C-sections are no joke.

Other than that, finally, a blog that tells it like it is about babies. :D I appreciate it. :) It's more learny than the ones that are all smiles and all "my baby doesn't even crap!" Psh. :D

And I'm fairly certain you still look hot, especially with the I-just-sucked-snot-out-of-my-son's-nose glow.