Tuesday, January 24, 2012

And For Today's Update...

This seriously must be some sort of blogging record for me.

Today's Workout:
Total cardio: 62:30
Run: 44:30 for 4 miles, 3 min WU, 5 min CD
Elliptical: 10 min

Today I decided that my new goal is to run off my inner thighs. I HATE the way they rub together now, not to mention the lunch buffet they make out of my running shorts. It's like my shorts are on the losing end of a Hunger Hungry Hippo game. Nom, nom, nom.

At some point, likely Thursday, I am going to start doing more strength training in addition to the cardio. But after trying to integrate into those intial workouts with dreadfully painful results, I decided to lay off until my legs were a little most acclimated - and now I think it's time.

I still had a mindful of madness today, but it was a bit better. And wonders of wonders - so was the run. It definately makes me hopeful, as each run seems to be bring me back to normal. In addition, starting next week, I would like to reintroduce my legs to speedwork, and start working off some of those mile times.

And fitness aside, I have a totally random thought I want to share:

You know the downside of having an "easy" baby? I was SOOOOOOO looking forward to using a screaming inconsolable baby as payback for the regular raging LOUD 2AM parties my downstairs college student neighbors like to throw (they were EPIC during my pregnancy). Alas, it was not meant to be, as my child is far too sweet to use for such glorious revenge. Perhaps I will have to "accidently" drop a doody diaper on their back steps when I take out the garbage next time.

Oh, and speaking of the little porkchop:

Handsome little man:

Guess who got a swing (read: Baby Ambian)?

Why hello there...

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Carolina John said...

yea you're going to have to watch out for him. he's going to have lots of teenage pregnancy scares.

Not because I would wish that on anyone, but because he's so freaking adorable that some teenage tramp is going to eat him alive. he'll never know what hit him.