Sunday, October 14, 2007

Pride and Joy of Illinois?

Bear down (and out), Chicago Bears!

Wow. Seriously.

Before I launch into this post, I have to admit (cause Cheese will call me out on this), I did go to this game, but I left when there was about five minutes left in the fourth quarter, right after Greise threw that interception. Of course, as my sister, Devin, and I were walking through Grant Park, we heard the signal go off indicating a Bears touchdown, and then, five minutes later, another round of "Bear Down" in the distance - yes, a second touchdown.

Thus, ten minutes after we left the park, with about 50% of the rest of the stadium, the Bears had managed to tie it up. 10 seconds left. Great.

So as Devin and I walked back to the car, we stopped at a bar on Michigan Avenue with about 50 other people and watched through the window as the Vikings kicked the game-winning 55-yard field goal.

I got a call from Cheese, who spent the day in the 'burbs with Clyde, telling me I wasn't a real Bears fan because I left early (oh, and apparently because I don't own or wear any Bears paraphernalia to the games - although I do wear my Bears baseball cap just about everywhere, but I had to go to a christening party after the game so I couldn't have hat head). Whatever. I showed up, in the rain, layers of clothes, to watch the game, which is more than I can say for him and Clyde, who I offered the tickets to in the first place.

Now, I would be lying if I said the promise of some hot pretzels with mustard didn't sway me out of my own comfy bed down to Solider Field, but hey, it's a HOT PRETZEL. You trying saying no to that.

I can't. And I didn't. Twice.

Yeah, that's right. I had two. And a soda.

That's my dork-version of 'gettin' crazy.'

I also had a great time with my little sister, who I rarely get to see these days, what with her new teaching job, hockey lessons, lacrosse refereeing, nannying and other assorted activities that come with being newly married. Sigh. But when we do get together we can be a pair of A-Holes. Nothing raunchy, or at the expense of others (at least not to their knowledge i.e. lady with the modern mullet and three-inch red nails, or the grumpy old couple who have their season ticket seats next to ours for the last hundred years, but have never so much as uttered a friendly hello to us).

Also, as I briefly mentioned, Cheese is in for the week. He got here Friday, leaves Thursday. We had a great weekend, and on our upcoming schedule are some dinners and drinks with friends and family, a little bowling (which is my sister and brother-in-laws new favorite past time), some training runs and swims (we had our first joint swim yesterday), and some basic face-to-face time, which is limited, given out geographical distance from each other.

It's nice to have him home.

So that's that.


nolans mommy said...

when did you get a perm?

The Clyde said...


Cheese you were right, she did mention the pretzels.

Anonymous said...

It has been a rough season so far! Even the defense is lackluster.

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The Big Cheese said...

You see,we are hard core fans...we passed up tickets to the Bears to watch our teams (packers, CHIEFS).

Spandex King said...

Sorry!! Go Vikes!!

Lance Notstrong said...

Dallas lost sucks.

momo said...

this reminds me of that commercial where the guy leaves the bar and then his team goes on to win and then they wouldn't let him back in the bar... you left EARLY??? :-)

have a good week with your honey!