Sunday, October 28, 2007


Short post to let you know I have composed a lengthier one on the IM training progress, but am hesistant to post it just yet, thus I anger the Gods of Healthy Backs (who have, thus far, been very generous in their powers these last few weeks). Suffice to say things are moving forward, in every area of my life, the details of which will come shortly. Hope all had a great weekend!!!

P.S. To all the Girls from last night - you effing rock!!! I look forward to many more "hot and heavy" conversations! Thanks Rachel!!


Nolan's Mommy said...

sometimes i feel like you have this whole other life i dont even know about. not really any of my business, but we're related, so i feel like i should know more than i do.

The Clyde said...

I want to see the full frontal and the girl on girl pics please.

Brent Buckner said...

OK, now want IM training details.