Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A Sign

My phone rang:

"You have Picture Mail!"

I opened it up.

This is what I found:

It was sent when he was in Colorado for work.

And now he is in San Diego, California, for the fires.

He'll be out there the weekend I was scheduled to visit his hometown.

Disappointing, yes, but he's doing good for others, so I can't complain.

Distance makes the heart grow fonder, right?

And I am fond. Very fond.

I *Heart* You Too, babe.


Nolan's Mommy said...

Do you think he's changing more lives than Seinfeld?

Megan said...

Ellie- We are far enough removed from that fiasco that I can honestly say I just laughed my ass off.

To Cheese, when you read this - Yes I do, and you don't get paid enough (wink). Love ya lots!!!

Cindy Jo said...

Thankfully he didn't shave the message out of his ass hair!

The Big Cheese said...

Great, there goes all my street cred.

Andra Sue said...

Oh. My. God. Do you call each other "schmoopy" TOO?! For Pete's sake woman, have some dignity.

Hee hee. Just words from a disenchanted married chick, pay no attention. :)

Prin said...

Awwww!! :)

The Clyde said...

He's getting so soft.

Andrew said...

I just threw up in my mouth.