Monday, December 22, 2008

Hitting the Road

First and foremost, I must acknowledge Monday's BadAss Award winner - it's would be my sister, Devin, who actually went to the Bears game and STAYED FOR THE WHOLE THING.

Why is this an accomplishment?

Because it was 3 degrees, with sub-zero windchill (and its on the lake, so you know there was wind, and our season ticket seats face north, right into the wind - lovely). And it went into overtime. So that's like, oh, four hours in Arctic weather.

Coldest home game on record.

Oh, and they won.

Sorry you had to stay up late and watch the Packer defeat, Clyde.

So sorry.

But well done Devin - if you weren't already the toughest bitch I know, I would actually send you a trophy to add to you growing collection.

But onto other badasses-

As been abundately clear lately, I can barely manage to throw up post as regularly as I used to, what with these last several months being stupid busy.

Needless to say, my blog reading has been even less stellar.

Okay, virtually no existent.

So imagine my surprise when I backlogged last night and saw PRs, new babies, and all sorts of glory.

Maybe I need to pull my head out of my own ass instead of bagging on DP's new lady to do that, and keep up with the blog world.

Gosh guys - I am sorry I suck so bad.

My NY resolution is to get back on the ball with the happenings of the blog world.

Having sad that, though, I am leaving for my annual trip to Kansas and I have taken a cue from Steph and I am not taking my computer.


No blog, no FB, no nothing for five days.

Just me, Cheese's family, and some apple pie.

And I kinda LIKE that idea....

Well, mostly the apple pie part.

So to everyone out there - many many blessed wishes in the next few days! See ya when I get back!


Stef said...

Dude. I can't effing wait until we leave tomorrow. I need a break from the computer so bad!

Have a GREAT time and catch up with you in the New Year!

Rachel said...

Have a safe trip Meg! And, enjoy every moment!

Danielle in Iowa said...

Have a nice holiday!

And I bring my computer to VT, but we barely have cell phone service up there, nevermind internet, and you know, it is liberating to not get new things in my inbox!

Flatman said...

Have a great trip! :) Cheese's family....I wonder how many toenails are in the corners?

Spie said...

Have a great and "full-filling" holiday. Hopefully Kansas is a little less artic than here!

Kathleen said...

Have a fun trip!

Brent Buckner said...

Enjoy your holiday!

prin said...

Yey! Merry Christmas.

Borsch said...

I just read through like all of December's posts...I'm left pretty commentless. I'm overwhelmed and wouldn't know where to start.

Have a happy holidays! and enjoy the pie!

ps...last night was the 1 time I cheered for the packers and the effing bastards let me down. Never again!

stronger said...

but you still have the blackberry! Merry Christmas. Don't eat yourself into a coma.

Captain Cactus said...

Have a great trip! As for that Bears game, Devin is ridiculously hardcore for sticking that out. I was watching with a two hour time zone advantage, in my living room, with the fireplace on, and I barely made it through the whole game. Maybe it had something to do with Kyle Orton playing so bad that I couldn't keep me eyes open :)

Tyger Lily said...

Merry Christmas M!

Here's to a safe journey, good times and bitchin' apple pie (Don't forget the ala mode!)

Cassie said...

Hope you made it to Kansas whether you drove or flew!

The Fire said...

Merry have to see the latest video..its great..

The (IRON) Clyde said...

We were robbed, I tell you, the Pack was robbed (story of our season, can't win the close ones - 6 losses by 4 points or less)...oh well.

Have fun in Kansas, say hi to Cheese and have him let me know when he's back in town so we can set something up.

Happy Holidays.