Wednesday, December 17, 2008

BL - All Winners

Well, all told – it’s hard to bag on a bunch of people who collectively unloaded over 1000 pounds.

I mean, most of them looked SMOKIN’!

Heba, Ed, Shalley and of course, her daughter Aimee, Colleen’s dad (I expected a bit more from Colleen though), and Amy and Phil – WHOA!

Red dress = Upgrade!

LT seems to have forgotten the BL would be checking back with him. I mean, don’t get me wrong – 87 pounds is no small bag of potatoes, but when you are tipping upwards of almost 4 bills, 87 pounds over the course of all that time is like a missed McMuffin and side of hash brown for that morning's breakfast. Especially when you have people pulling total numbers consistently over 100.

(Note: I am not minimizing the epic difficulty of weight loss, considering I have been trying to lose the same 10 pounds for four months now – point is, everyone else that got sent home around their time seems to have stuck with it and its surprising that he pulled such low numbers for his weight. That is all. Please, no hate mail. My cellulite can't handle it.)

And I have no real words for Vicki except – Congrats, you didn’t fall on the floor…yes, you are still likely ugly on the inside…good luck trying to maintain post-show because no you have no incentive to workout twice daily….etc.

She did what she set out to do, and while it didn’t bag her the quarter of a million, I hope at least she took away some good baked chicken recipes, and a new found love for broccoli and Extra gum.

Unlikely. But that’s her battle, not mine.

Mine is tucked deep inside my saddle bags and THUT.

But you know what would be awesome? A one/two year follow up! Like a HUGE reunion show - a "Where are they now?" for all the past contestents.

See, that to me would be the inspiring part. How do these people do it once they go back to real life?

I mean, put anyone on a secluded ranch with top-notch trainers and the ability to work out 8 hours a days, and you would be hard pressed to find someone that fails that task.

But life a real life, with a real job, and real responsibilities, and try keeping to a fitness and eating schedule to maintain that - now THAT is the challenge.

I would like to hear how people do it - if they are doing it.

Nonetheless- good show. Like to see people overcome the things they never thought they could. Like Michelle- I believe her when she says "I know I can do anything now."

Yeah, I've felt that way before...back in April.

It's a good feeling.

A GREAT feeling.

Well done, BL contestents.


Greyt Times said...

Amen. :)

Lauren said...

Trainer Bob mentioned in 2nd to last episode that season 1 winner (Ryan) was now BIGGER than he was when he came on the show (when he was having his 'come to jesus' with vicki)

I'd love a reunion show.

Flatman said...

I feel bad that I might have thrown the remote at the TV if Vicky had won....

Supposedly Matt and Suzie have gained most of their weight back.

The sad thing is that the only people who would participate in a reunion is the people who are still fit.

My wife and I were really pulling for Colleen to do well...what happened girl?

I am glad Michelle won it all.

What do you think happened with the whole vote skew on Ed and Heba...I am quite perplexed about the high percentage towards Ed???

21stCenturyMom said...

I agree with you on everything. I was a little stunned by how big LT still was - he apparently didn't want that 100K very badly or else his problems are bigger than even he realizes.

I would LOVE that follow up program. I think I've read that most contestants gain back about 20% of what they have lost. They all did have to cope in real life but by 'cope' I mean 'still try for 100 - 250K which isn't quite the same as staying fit because you like the way you look and feel.

Little disappointed you didn't go off on Vicky because I missed what you hated about her and I really wanted to know! I guess I'll have to search your blog.

Devin said...

seems only fitting the Vicky lost by only 1 pound. serves her right. so close...then...slam...door shut in her face.

Shawn said...

I agree...I expected more from Colleen

Go Mom Go said...

I am so sad I missed it.

We had tickets to Lion King with the kiddos last night, I think I got the better show! :)

Anyway, I am so glad Michelle won. I would love a follow up of Vicki in a month or so. She will be doubt.

I think there needs to be a BL for those that need to lose -- 20,30,40 lbs. Not the hundred... I would go. Tomorrow!

stronger said...

I watched bits of episodes here and there so I didn't pick up on all the drama that comes with each contestant...but at the end when Vicky showed off her schedule- wake up 4am, workout, go to work, go workout, come home at 8:30, miss out on her kids all day???

Was that supposed to be impressive? To lose 2lbs in 7 weeks?

Anonymous said...

I love wathcing that show (although we end up with it about a year behind you guys!!!), but I ALWAYS come to the conclusion that going back to a real life will sort out those that are committed and those that aren't.

It is damn hard to lose it with all that is life whizzing around you. My dream is to live like that for a couple months and then come back to the normal life to maintain it. I maintain it well - losingit?? Well that's the struggle!!!!!!

Still, I cannot believe what those trainers put them through. I'm fit and way smaller than them and I think I would struggle!! Pretty amazing really.

Fave said...

I was discussing the same concept last night with IronGreg. We need a look at all the past contestants to see how they have really changed.

I did notice that as I sat with my buffet of food lined up along the coffe table as I sat down to watch the finale, that seeing all of them walk out, sure did make me lose my desire to continue shoving my face. dammit!

congrats all the BL's.

Donald said...

Amen to everything that's been said here! The follow-up show would be outstanding. I've been hoping for something similar from failed "Bachelor" couples as well, but ABC's not playing along.

Eric said...

I wish they would have a Biggest Loser "Fit People" Edition. Have people on that only need to lose 15-20 lbs and get ripped. Granted it would only last a 4-6 weeks :-)

Danielle in Iowa said...

A reunion would be fab!

I missed out on this season though due to commitments on Tuesday nights - and yeah I know I could program the VCR or something, but not gonna happen!

Mommymeepa said...

I am so happy that ICKY VICKY (As my kids called her) didn't win. I really didn't want Ed to either, but as long as Vicky didn't I was happy.

Mommymeepa said...

Also, I was kinda happy that Ed got voted through. I think a lot of people did not like the blue team and how they acted, so they were not going to vote the way that Ed and Heba wanted them too. I'm wondering if Heba would have won if she was a finalist and not Ed. I don't remember her numbers.

Eric said...

Heba would have won. She was 46%, Michelle was 45%.

T. said...

I LOVE the idea of a Fit Edition. They could call it Biggest Loser: Get Ripped. Nice Eric.
I would watch it.