Monday, June 22, 2009


Thanks everyone for the suggestions in posting this! Blogger, however, can suck it. This formatting is terrible.


1. Have we, as a society, just decided to do away with the whole courtesy wave when driving? If so, how come no one mailed me that memo? And if not, there’s a lot of entitled a-holes on the road.



2. Jolly Ranchers on the bike: Good in theory, bad in practice. Or at least, for an open-mouth breather like me. Damn near suffocated myself with a watermelon one.



3. My mind registered that Chicago finally had an actual, 85 degree and sunny summer day yesterday. My skin? Not so much.

Seems all that indoor time has softened my brain, leaving me to forget that you can’t take a winter’s worth of white skin to the beach for an all-day love affair with the sun. Mama mia.

You’d think I’d be more careful about tan lines, what with a wedding (and dress) just a few months away. Yeah, but then again, you’d also think I’d be more careful about what I am putting in mouth, given said dress. But on both accounts, you’d be wrong.



4. I don’t eat red meat, but if I did, I would totally eat one of the burger with the cheese cooked right into it. The ones that, when you bite into it, the melted cheese just oozes out from the middle.

I just got goose bumps writing that last line.



5. On that note, you know that question, “If you could have dinner with anyone, who would it be?” Yeah, well – would it be so bad to bypass the obvious answers, and pick one of the guys from the Food Network or Travel Network shows? Like, the dude from Diner, Drive-Ins and Dives? Or Man v. Food?

Does that make me a simpleton?

Or perhaps *left eye brow raised* it makes me a genius.

Question is on the table.



6. I know that, after a long workout, you SHOULD technically eat like, good food, and stuff. And you SHOULD technically drink one of those good protein shakes or recovery drinks.

But you know, the ONLY think I can stomach after a long workout is pickles.

(hey, it used to be oj and raisins, so I consider this an upgrade)

I said it before and I’ll say it again – you show me a long Sunday workout, and I’ll show you an empty jar of dill pickles.


Carolina John said...

pickles? wow, that's a new one. I stick with recoverite and a protein bar.

Tri-Angle said...

The place in Minneapolis that I used to get those was called the 5-8 club.
There, they call 'em Juicy Lucy's. Maybe that's what they call them everywhere. They are Damn good.

#5 I'm with ya on the Drive in food.

Anonymous said...

1. I agree...f****ers.

2. Never tried a Jolly Rancher - cause I too am an open mouth breather. Should've warned ya. Sorry :(

3. Owwwww....take care of that skin. You know it is the largest organ you have. Slather that supple skin up girlfriend!

4. I think Cheese has a piece of meat that oozes stuff. :) Would that suffice? Less calories too :) even better!

5. At least you didn't say the guy from 'Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmerman' - he eats some crazy shit.

6.Are you with child? Pickles, must have low electrolytes and the body is cravin salt. Interesting...

Benson said...

1. I began waving a bunch more this year. It's working.

The Big Cheese said...

"4. I think Cheese has a piece of meat that oozes stuff. :) Would that suffice? Less calories too :) even better!"

Holy. Shit.

Mommymeepa said...

Megan, it's posts like these that just make me love you even more. You are awesome!! Please post more often.

Alili said...

Pickles and olives - juice included is by far the best way to replenish salt.


T. said...

dinner with a foodie? I say GENIUS.

I heart pickles. Ever try "wickles"? They are a sweet/salty pickle brining with hot peppers. SOOOOO good. The more you eat the spicier they get. Damn addicting.

Anonymous said...

omg, pickles and milk are the only things that i can possibly stomach after a good workout!