Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Little Bit o' This....

So, I was watching the 2005 Ironman Kona race today as I plowed through my trainer ride, and what do my wondering eyes see?

A man exiting the swim in his leopard print Speedos.




Like, what's the thought process behind that?

Minnesota Joe (standing over his suit case): Hmmm... Kona. It's the big time you know.
Wife: You may never get another chance to do this, Joe.
Minnesota Joe: I know. It's like, Go Big or Go Home, right?
Wife: That's what I always say in my step aerobics class. So why not make a statement?
Minnesota Joe: I see your point. And the banana hammock IS snug, and aerodynamic. Like neoprene, without the life-choking-out-of-you feel. And really, my abs are kickin, yeah?
Wife: I always did like the way your buns looked in that print! *tap on the ass*
Minnesota Joe: Decision made! European leopard print Speedo in Kona IT IS!!

Maybe he knows something I don't though. I mean, Speedo King is in Kona, I'm in my living room pedaling to nowhere and wondering what the hell happened to the sweltering Chicago summer we all used to complain about. Who's the sucker now, huh?

Oh, and another little gem I discovered while I was home, tying up loose ends before my job implodes on itself in a few days?

Remember a while back I posted about my new favorite website - Hot Chicks with Douchebags?

Well, MTV turned it into a show.

And it is EFFING hilarious.

Like, have you ever wished your blog could talk? Like, could mimic tone or the speed of your snarkiest comments in a way that simply writing the word just can't?

Well, this show is like that.

And while I watched NOTHING on MTV EVER, I am stuck on this show.

It's called, "Is She Really Going Out With Him?"

I think what intrigues me most is how delusional these guys are. I mean, you would almost think it is a joke, but it's not. And it's so uncomfortable to watch - sort of like an episode of The Office, but REAL, and with a lot more bottle-poppin', Axe body spray, and "bro-ness."

Check out the episodes with "Hustler Douche" (with an added gem - "Say Somethin!'") and "OC Douche."

You're welcome.


J-Wim said...

O.M.G..... a HCWDB show??? I may never again be able to pry myself from the TV!!!

jessica said...

Oh, not that I'm a fan of the look, but I love that someone didn't take himself too seriously to wear something truly absurd at Kona -- I imagine the fancy equipment and elitist hobnobbery could get a little overboard if not silly fools. Though, he should wear a button on it that says, "this is a sardonic Speedo" or something.

And I love that site -- except my gorgeous sister is one of those girls, and I SO want her to dump her douchebag (maybe it'd be a not-so-subtle hint to send her the link?).

prin said...

I envy that man's confidence. But not his lack of awareness. lol!

That site makes me cry. What the hey are we doing to ourselves? Seriously.

Benson said...

Good humor.

Mommymeepa said...

Your blog always makes me laugh and today was no exception. Thanks for the speedo visual and the video clips. This is what I call awesome blogging. You should win an award!! Seriously!!

Carolina John said...

oh that's classic stuff. i'm going to totally get some leopard print speedos and get my pic taken with the hot chicks in kona just to send it in to hcwdb. cause i'm really awesome like that.

The Young Family said...

Can't wait to see the show... sounds perfectly trashy! Right up my alley. Em

rUntoNamAste said...

"And the banana hammock IS snug, and aerodynamic."

I lost it right there and had to stop reading. That dialogue is too funny!