Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Woa Is Me

I caught a case of the sads.

I have decided that I am not sad about losing my job (with no prospects in sight) - rather, I am just REALLY angry at why I am losing my job.

And it's really hard to maintain a positive outlook when my supervisees are sobbing during their supervision times, and having anxiety attacks as they wrap up their work. But the absolute worst is when my boss - the calmest, most professional supervisor I have ever had - is struggling to keep it together during conversations about returning computers and shutting down cell phones.

But I would also be lying if I said it was only the job stuff - really, it's just sort of everything at this point.

But instead of doing a full-blown post about the atrocities my state government is committing in the name of a tax hike, or post one of those countdown clocks for the remaining minutes of employment, I am going to focus on the positive.

Because frankly, there are a lot of good things happening.

First off, I have been holding onto a nugget of information for several weeks. You, the reader, might know this informtion already - if you were quick enough to catch it on a post a few weeks back before I was instructed to take it down.

Turns out, this ol' girl's about to become an aunt again!

My brother - well, really, his wife Jenny - is pregnant!

So with Ellen's due in August (although the baby's been basically hanging out of her vagina for a few weeks, filling out college applications and waiting on the approriate time to just totally fall the heck out), and Nolan's little guy/gal on the way, I am aunt x 3!!!!!

Poor kids.

Other good news?

My back doctor seems to have worked his little magic. My back has remarkably improved in jsut the last four weeks. Which makes me wonder what the heck my other doctor was doing for the last two years.....

My knee is still problematic, so my doctor tapes it once or twice a week with that kinisio-or-something tape to give the knee cap some extra support.

And crazy enough, it works.


That...uh...seems to be about it....

.....Thought I had some more stuff for you......


Man, I'm lame.


Stef said...

NOT lame! Like the news, CONGRATS! (well except you losing your job but this post is not focusing on that).

Mostly just sayin' hi.


prin said...

*hugs for the sad*

*high fives for the bro*

And ok, so you get to be an auntie three times, but what about me? When's my turn?

*crosses arms and taps foot*

Kolla said...

Well girl, dang. I got laid off in January after what I thought was 9 years of dedicated service to a company I really cared about. Guess the feeling wasn't mutual.
I was sad too, and angry, and sad again, and angry, but finally things sort of balanced out.
Now, I can honestly say it was the best damn thing that ever happened. Guess there is always that grand plan behind the scenes so things tend to work out, as long as we don't get in the way too much.
So. Once you are out, take some time to just stare at the wall, feel sorry for yourself, bitch, whine etc etc. Does the soul good. When you are ready to pick it up and move forward, you'll know - and then you will go on out to do amazing things you would never have been able to do stuck in a rut in that old job, truly making a difference in peoples lives.
All the best!

Anonymous said...

bocifus robitai mccue....weve named him already... you like it

Brent Buckner said...

Glad the family and physio stuff is going your way!

Amy said...

Hugs and high fives. At the same time. It gets confusing I know. You and me. Free from the chains of a regular work day for the summer. Lookin' at the positives: day time bike rides and runs because you feel like it, beach time, pool time when others are at work (lane to yourself!), you will have pretty much free run of the gym equipment, getting around to the all the started but never finished projects around the house, learning to bake cookies/muffins/cheesecake....

TriAuntie eh? That's pretty cool! You can spend your free time learning to knit baby booties and hats!

Carolina John said...

not lame at all. being an aunt is really cool, losing your job sucks. check out a chopat brace for the knee, they do wonders with mine. and they do the same thing as the kinesio tape, stabilize the kneecap.

and you think your state government sucks? I live in south carolina. we can go toe to toe right now.

rUntoNamAste said...

If we lived in the same state I'd take yoy to dinner and then we'd get wrecked and talk about how much 'the man' sucks ass. (We can actually do this in July when I'll be in your neck of the woods. Wazzup?) So sorry you fell victim to the never ending cycle of poor decisions from our 'trusted' leaders. Chin up babe, your silver lining is coming.

Part of it is already here with baby #3 on the way. Woo-hoo, congrats! (and lol @ baby hanging out of va-jay-jay, filling out college apps)

Now do shed more light on this kinisio-something taping process (unless you already did and I missed the post. Sorry, been slackin').

Big hugs!