Wednesday, June 10, 2009

If You Hang In There, It Actually Gets Sort of Hopeful Towards The End - I Promise


So yeah, it's been a while.

Remember the good old days of once-a-day posting?

I do.

Man, that was a lot of work.

And it's not that I haven't had a lot to say - believe me you, I have.

I just didn't have a ton of time of get it on paper.

Until now.


Well, here's the short list of reasons my time suddenly freed up:

1. Unemployment. Turns out, it's not just for car dealerships.

See, as you know, we have a new governor. A governor who, in his infinate wisdom, decided to play Political Chicken with the legislature to get his way. He wants an increase in state income tax to help deal with out deficit (where have I heard this before....?) The legislature, however, is not so cool with this. So our governor said, "Do what I want or deal with the consequence on July 1."

The consequence? A mandatory shut down of social services with the elimination of all contracted services (i.e. me).

Literally. This is quite literally how things went down.

Who does that? Who gets their poltical agenda accomplished by eliminating all contract services across the state? Who gambles with child welfare like that?

Oh right - all governors of this state. In fact, right before the previous gem was impeached, he did the same thing. I mean, my employment woes are becoming a broken record at this point.

And the best part is that this new guy turns around and pins it on the legislature and blames them for this - the whole "well you MADE me do it" argument.

It goes a little something like this:

"Give me what I want, I have no interest in comprimise - or else I will eliminate 50% of the child welfare (and every other service) workforce until you cry 'uncle'....Oh, and p.s. I just proposed a 400% increase in health care costs for state employees. Just try and test me if that doesn't get pushed through too."

Is this really where we are at politically?

And why is it that social services are always the bargining chip?

So this means that July 1st may be likely be the last day of my employment.

But I am oddly okay with this. Maybe because, with all the previous false alarms, I have made peace with the fact I would lose my job to some poltical bullshit.

Or maybe because I have been really burned out in this job and looking for a change. I have never been one to run from a problem, but the state government is a bit larger than just "a problem" and I simply think they have worn me down.

So this is now my kick in the pants to find another....something.

However, the chance of me finding a position in this State and in the area of child welfare is - lemme check real quick - ZILCH.

Which leads me to....

2. There may be some relocation associated with seeking a new job. It's been discussed. Options are on the table. Options as in - NOT CHICAGO.

I am sort of excited about this.

And the third reason my load is soon to be lightened?

3. Hitting the Pavement - In 24 hours, I will be in Madison with my relay team, starting at the starting end of the Madison-Chicago 200 relay.

After my awesome experience last year, I decided to head-up the team this year.

Turns out, though, that event planning is not so do you say? strong point (see also: my wedding). I think it has something to do with my ever-dwindling capacity for bullshit and unreliable people, inability to make a decision, and generally poor multitasking skills. My sister ended up taking the reins and pulling it together. But the general stress of responsibility of it will be over soon.

Oh, and speaking of that wedding thingy?

It's moving forward, but deserves it's own post.

Which will be written after the relay.

So until then....


T. said...

Good luck with the relay. Words fail at how upset I feel that I will not be there. I hope to not disappoint you next year:)

Lauren said...

Good luck this weekend.

And everyone I ever talk to in the Chi area HATES Illinois/Chicago government. Corruption sucks.

Tri-Angle said...

Relo to where?????
Welcome back. Sheesh, it's been a while
Wait, you could write that same thing on my blog!

Alili said...

Good grief! You seem to be taking it all in stride which doesn't surprise me at all.

So as for the relocation...come to Atlanta w/me!!

jessica said...

Being a the mercy of a government job where the ups are so callously removed from the actual work being done? Yikes.

At least it could be an adventure to start fresh somewhere. We moved out of state the day after our wedding, and it was absolutely the best decision (except for the whole skipping-the-honeymoon part)

Have fun on the relay (planner-guilt or not). I loved reading about that last year.

Anonymous said...

Get yo ass down here right now

Amy said...

Have a blast this weekend. And Woot for July 1st! My salaried position ends that day too.

prin said...

*chants* Canada! Canada! WOO!! Nobody's more socialist than Quebec! YEY!


Good luck on the relay!

stronger said...

Hey- my last day is July 1st!

Sucks. Check jobs in CO. You'd love it here. Plus, it's close to Kansas. 'Cept I don't know how you'd ever leave your sisters and mama and babies.

Captain Cactus said...

I'm with Prin ... Canada! Canada! ... Except your focus should be on the west! Avoid the cold crappy winters!

Mommymeepa said...

I don't want you to go, but I totally get it. Politics suck here and who gets hurt, the kids and people that really need the help.

Have a blast at your relay. You are going to ROCK IT!! We expect a full report with pics when you get home.

Wherever you relocate to I hope you can make it back to Madison when i do my Ironman.

Talk to you later, Melissa

Borsch said...

First...good luck with the relay! Have fun!

Second...good luck with the job hunt. Do you want me to kick a politician in the nuts for you?

The Young Family said...

Seattle is a wonderful city - come here than I can actually meet my bffblogger! lol. Good things will happen - a great job and location in right around the bend for you. You are closer than you think to your goal don't give up now!!

Hang in there.

Jealous you are running. ER trip and 3 surguries later I am out for most of the triathlon season. Darn. Look out I am coming full force this fall!

Take Care,

Erin said...

That stinks. So sorry to hear about the job. But, might I put a plug in for...Madison :) Great work on the relay!

The (IRON) Clyde said...

Time to start popping out the babies (after your wedding of course)...then you can be a stay at home Mom....unemployment solved!!

Hope you find some resolution soon, that really sucks.

Carolina John said...

hang in there. good luck with the relo. come on down south, we do lots of fun racing down here.