Friday, July 24, 2009

Three for the Weekend

1. Phil Leggitt used the term “pocket rocket” to describe today’s Tour de France stage winner.

No comment *she writes with a smirk on her face*


Turns out that this week’s Life Lesson #399 was “Don’t start personal training the week before your ½ Ironman.”

Seriously, I need to start writing a book of these tips.

Because, really – am I the only idiot out there making these mistakes?

And yes, this was a big mistake.

A Big, Fat, Hurting, 2-Day Crippling, How-It-Possible-I-Am-Such-A-Jello-Puss?-type mistake.

Sort of puts a cramp in the “taper” when you can’t get out of bed.

And turns out, eating the fridge doesn’t speed up the healing process either.

Guess that would be #400.


3. Did you know that people send you presents even if they aren’t coming to the wedding?

I mean - shoo.

No wonder every.single.sales.lady gave me the stink-eye and nasty comment about the “only ten items?” of my registry, even when I tried to explain that my shower would only be eight people.

No matter – I still can’t bring myself to ask for all sorts of shit we either already have or simply don’t need.

I mean, how many spatulas does one couple need?

Answer: Less than we now have.


Joe said...

you need at least two spatulas per number of children you have...always need a spare for discipline...duh...that is number 401

Mommymeepa said...

Oh man, you always know how to make me laugh. I'm in Caribou Coffee about to finish college.

I read pocket rocket and LAUGHED OUT LOUD

And I"m bummed now, I have to go and return your spatula. I hope you don't have a can opener yet!! :)

Carolina John said...

you can't have too many spatulas.

The (IRON) Clyde said...

Shit, looks like I have to do a return at Target tomorrow.

Tri-Angle said...

Now I know what NOT to get you.

Borsch said...

Good to know...we need less spatulas!

We will have a good number of things on our registry, but it must be things we NEED. Not just replacing perfectly good silverware with better silverware...


prin said...

Many, many spatulas.

And also, a variety of salt and pepper shakers...

Danielle in Iowa said...

Wow, a reasonable bride.

I didn't think they existed.