Monday, July 27, 2009


Pronounced "By-Runny-Ak," this was the brainchild of my sister and her husband, born one day while walking past the kayak lauch that shared river shoreline with the dog park.

They began talking about how much fun it would be to do a kayak race.

One thing led to another, and another made-up race was born.

But instead of a single-person marathon, this one would be a bike-run-kayak RELAY race.

Oh, yeah. We gots ourselves partners!

Of course, mine was Cheese, 'cause he's my best boy.

This is the Race Director, Devin. She had a clipboard, complete with race maps and rules.
We all had to get fitted to kayaks first. I told our Kayak Guy, Scott, to jsut fit Devin's setting to the 12-year-old boy size. She didn't appreciate that.

Perfect fit!

Cheese and my brother-in-law carrying the kayaks to the docks, just before the horn goes off.

Me and my partner, showing what place we intended on getting. Cheese named our team "Ironman and Him." Does anyone else notice I was the EXACT same thing to every race?!?!

The two people I thought would be our fiercest competitors.

Patrick with his game face.

Me with a wild flower tucked behind my ear. I had the run leg, and it fell out right about five steps in.

All the couples. Yeah, it's a small race.

The start line....On your marks....get set....


Yeah, there's a bit of a photo lapse because I was the photo taker and I eventually had to take the baton and do my run. Oh, and the bike was six miles (three loops), the run was two miles (one loop), and the kayak was about a mile. This is me and Kyle on the return, heading back to the dock....


Almost there...with me at the helm...steering the tandem kayak affectionately referred to as the "Relationship Wrecker." For a reason. Believe it.


AHHHHHHH - but we didn't win. These are the two guys that won, with their trophies and finisher ribbons. Funny thing, the guy in the blue was like dragging ass on the bike and came in second, with Cheese on his ass, but when he handed it off to the guy in yellow, that little man TOOK OFF. Like, I started about 30 second after him, and I never saw him, not once. We totally got hustled too because this guy shows up in his khaki shorts and beat up shoes that he probably cleans his house in and is all like, "Oh silly me *shrug* I don't really workout *sheepishly looks at ground* golly gee this is going to be hard!"
Ass-hat turned around and ran 7 minute miles.
Stole my foam donut-shaped trophy right out of my grubby hands.
Second place goes to Mr. and Mrs. Race Director, who then later hosted a bbq.

Bringing up the third place was me and the Cheese, with our finisher medals.

All the finishers!!

And last but not least - our friendly kayak helpers, Scott and Kyle. Seriously, if you are ever in the area, check this place - and these two - out. They were FANTASTIC!!!
Tha-tha-that's all folks!


prin said...

So, like, did you guys know those two dudes or did some guys just crash your race and steal the gold? lol

I love how you guys have your own races. If you keep it up, I bet it'll become a phenomenon that you can start charging people for...

M said...

Ha! Thanks funny because as we were riding our bikes back home, my brother in law, Patrick, said that we should start a business where we scope out different towns and arrange different events for people. It's an idea if this whole psychology thing doesn't pan out...

Carolina John said...

sounds like a fun made up race! glad you had a good time.

Mommymeepa said...

Sounds awesome!! I totally know what you mean about the double kayak being called the relationship wrecker. My son and hubby were in one once and I thought they were going to kill each other. HAHA

You guys ROCK!!

Kathy said...

What a cool idea! What a great way to spend time together and have some laughs - good on you all.

Nicole said...

I noticed Kyle let you take the lead seat on the kayak. We like to call that position, "suckers row," because you're often the only one rowing much to the amusement of the aft partner.... as evident in your pics!