Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Few for the Road

1. So in about 18 hours, I will start my drive to Ann Arbor, Michigan. The last time I made the drive, it was about 7 years ago, to attend the wedding of one of my closest friends (and now bridesmaid). Oddly, this drive is for the same friend, but to attend services for her sister, who was found dead last week. Sad.

2. Late Saturday, I will pack it up again and return home, just hours before I begin my first Hustle Up the Hancock. I am crazy excited for this, both the event and the fact that I get to meet Jen for the first time!! A little race, followed by some pancakes and bloody mary's. now THAT'S a Sunday.

3. I didn't find any of those rainbows and puppies I promised yesterday, but I did have time to think about things. Right now, I am too full of Gumbo to put together a coherent thought, so I am going to think some more, watch my "First 48" on the DVR (weee!) and rest my pretty little head for my early morning workout.

4. Since I won't be around for the next few days, I hope every has a wonderful weekend! I'll be back with some pictures of Jen dragging me up the Hancock!


prin said...

1. That's terrible. :( My condolences.

2. A race after driving for a long time? Makes sure you warm up well and stretch...

3. Good plan. Rainbows and puppies are overrated anyway.

4. Yey pictures!

Be safe, you.

Danielle in Iowa said...

Hmmm, bloody mary's and pancakes doesn't seem like the right combo for me - I think Bloody MAry's scream eggs...

Melissa said...

I climbed the Sears Tower and absolutely loved it. Thought I was gonna die in the process, but was awed when I was done by what I had just accomplished. Have a blast.

Sorry about your friend's sister. That stinks.

Talk to you soon. I think tomorrow at Weight Watchers I will have hit my 30 pounds lost mark.

rUntoNamAste said...

That is tragic. My condolences.
Hope you had a safe drive and good luck! Can't wait to see pix :-)