Tuesday, February 10, 2009

You All Know Me So Well....

Okay, I admit it.

I didn't watch BL tonight.

No BL, no Facebook commenting.

A big something came up this evening and I was faced with a choice to watch, or to get my work done ahead of time so I can attend to personal things over the next few days.

But as luck would have it, I was walking through the living room to the kitchen for some more coffee when I heard it:

"And now I'm training for an Ironman!"

Huh wha---?

So of course I stop dead in my tracks and there's Blaine in full bike gear - helment and all.

Intriguing, methinks.

I must watch.

And this is what followed:

Blaine: It's over a mile and half swim-
Megan's Mind: ....umm...that doesn't sound right....
Blaine: And an 80 mile bike-
Megan's Mind: ....what the fuckity fuck....?.....
Blaine: And then a half marathon!
Megan's Mind: wrong answer.

And then I paused, and thought, "Eh, but who cares? It's still a massive accomplishment to go from over 300 pounds to training for such a big race, Ironman or not. I can get onboard with that goal! Go on with your new bad self!"

But the funniest part (and what compelled me to write this even though I can't speak to anything else that happened on it tonight) was that I immediately got two emails, one from Danielle and one from Michelle - both like (paraphrased), "Oh my gosh - can you believe!" So much so that I literally laughed out loud as I read them - thanks guys! That totally made my night!

So yeah, good for him. And good for triathlon in general. I support anyone that puts triathlon on the map.

Well, maybe not JLo. She bugs me.

Okay - back to work!!!


Tri-Angle said...

The lack of detail in his description still pisses me off.

Go Mom Go said...

he he he
My thoughts exactly!
I was waiting for this post and thought of you immediately when he started talking about training for an "ironman" -- wrong distances buddy.

I thought it was funny too when he said he "hopes" to do one before the finale...shouldn't he be entered by now? Even though he can probably get into a half somewhere...not an Ironman.

good for him.
I guess...
now he just needs a blog. :)

Alili said...

You left me hanging last night. I sprinted to my laptop to post a new facebook status about IM. J asked what the heck I was doing and I told him I just HAD to see what you were writing about this:)

Fave said...

I was also quite confused about the distances.
And I thought...why didn't he say a riathlon? why ironman? it's not an ironman!
i mean kudos to him andI hope he follows through. .
but it's still not an ironman.

prin said...

Maybe it's the Ironboy.

Flatman said...

what about J-Lo's booty?

Pharmie said...

Ha! I had to come here this morning to see your thoughts. My mind jumped to you when I heard the distances, too. Yeah, that's not an Ironman. Either he's in for a rude surprise or he's doing some other distance. I am excited for him to join the sport, though. It's a lifestyle that will hopefully maintain what the ranch has taught him.

The (IRON) Clyde said...

Yeah, he might want to check what the hell kind of triathlon he's doing...sounds almost like a 101, but I thought those were gone.


Melissa said...

My first thought was there is NO WAY he will have time to train and do an Ironman by the finale. Then I heard the distances, and then I was a little ticked that he called it an Ironman. I agree he should have just said, he was doing a triathlon. Oh well, maybe they'll update us and tell what he actually did. At least he has a goal and is working towards something.

I got to educate some people on what an Ironman is at the gym. One of my buddies whom I haven't seen in a long time was saying she could tell I lost weight and was asking me my goals and I had my Ironman shirt on and told her I'm doing one by 2013. Some guy said something, butting in, and was wrong, so I nicely educated him. I hate when people butt in and don't know what the heck they are talking about.

By the way I starting my running program this week with my trainer. I think I might die and then I just picture myself on the BL ranch with cute Bob in front of my treadmill telling me I can do it and picture Joelle next to me and how I am NEVER going to be a Joelle and get through it. I also was on the treadmill during BL last night, so kinda had Bob with me. SIGH!!

Talk to you later.

lassenlaw said...

I hear you on the J-Lo thing! She bugs!!! To hear her tell it, she's the only human being alive to give birth PRIOR to competing in a triathlon!!! Amazing!

Kickstand Pam said...

You crack me up!

My mom thinks a 5k is a marathon and my mother-in-law thought the Chicago Triathlon was Ironman Wisconsin. Makes you smile.

JLo bugs me too :)

Amy said...

OK so I went to the source of all tri related gossip and fact finding. Rumour has it that on the uneditted version (which I can't watch because here in Canuckastan we aren't good enough for american telly rebroadcasts (maybe cause I called it "telly") but y'all down there can watch it here: http://www.nbc.com/The_Biggest_Loser/video/clips/week-6/1008101/ So my second hand info is that NBC editted it and he called it a half ironman.

Regardless good for him.

Amy said...

oh my source! right! journalistic intregrity bedamned and all that: Slowtwitch. For all your gossip, and rumours, lies and interweb melodrama needs.

The Fire said...

the big something that came up??? was it work related or personal??? inquiring minds want to know!!!

Borsch said...

wow...i'm right there with you. It was a nice shout out for tri's but come on. He didn't get the IM distances right, he didn't state any half IM distances except the half. If I was going to say something like that on TV I think I would have googled IM to find the distances.

RunBubbaRun said...

I was trying to figure out myself what TRI race has an 80 mile bike ride.

Well at least he plans to get out there an do one. Yeah I'm with you on the JLO thing as well.