Monday, February 2, 2009

My Backlog

Okay, so I obviously haven't been around lately, and I have a whole post 'splaining why, but before I go there (it might not go up until after BL tomorrow), I thought I would post my woefully large backlog of photos of events in the last few weeks.

Last weekend, Chicago saw it's share of Bloggerland, starting with a brief visits from A from Running Down a Dream, and her lovely husband J. Cheese and I had dinner, drinks and story time with them - although we had to drag them through one of the coldest night yet here!

And then Sunday night brought with it a visit from B, all the way from Canada!! Captian Cactus (Brian) was in for a work convention, and we had dinner Sunday night with him. Then, as a bonus, we got to hang with him Tuesday - for BL!! At our house!!! His wife A sent with him a bottle of wine and a MASSIVE bag of cookies (rumor has it there were 60 cookies in the bag when it got off the plane - the picture below shows the damage Cheese and I did to it by Tuesday night - yeah, there's about 12 cookies left there).

Needless to say, the diet has started.

It was quite a weekend - so much fun and just hanging out!

Fast forward to this weekend - about 1400 miles away, Momo was celebrating her birthday with her own personalized 40K! Happy Birthday to Momo, and I can't wait to read all about the fun!

Back here on the home turf, I had my own little party to attend - The Nugget's 2nd birthday!!! Last year I missed his party because I was in Miami running a half marathon, so this year I got to participate in all the festivities.

Anyone else ever have been to a party with like ten toddlers all at once? I learned lots of stuff - like how germs spread so quickly, what a Brain Toy is, how loud a four year old can scream, and how Cheese and I will single-handedly save the economy through Trojan condom purchases.
Shit's intense, man.

Nugget seemed confused at first, but that wore off as soon as he started to dig through his pile or presents. He was a natural!

Take a close look - and guess which one Aunt Megan wrapped.
If you said "The tee-ball set in the Target bag" you would have been correct!

I guess when Nugget opened this present (of the green and white shirt he is holding), he screamed, "So cuuuuuttteeee!!!!" And it looked AMAZING with his new clutch and Jimmy Choos.

Yeah, he spends a lot of time with my sister.

But of course, his best toy of the night (not my tee-ball set) was Tow-Mater, from The Cars movie. It sings and moves its eyes, and he luuuuuvvvs it.

And what party is complete without a Bob Builder cake? So delish, but I was good and limited myself to one tiny piece. Boy, my sister can throw a party!!!
I rounded out the night with a girl's night at my friend Rachel's house, where Rachel and I kicked ass at Pictionary - I have pictures but I don't have persmission to post them, so when I do, I will share.
And then of course the Superbowl, which was also held at Ellen's (two parties in a row!) and I wasn't so much intersted in the game as I was playing with Nugget and eating delishish foods.
Phew - okay, that was a lot for me to catch up on. I need to go to work now!


Amy said...

Yet more proof that we are cross border twins... Brian has to do the wrapping in the house. I think it's akin to folding. I can't do it without it looking lumpy and weird, so I too opt for the bag method... though usually I try to find a gift bag :)

prin said...

Looks almost like my wrapping.

Sounds like a fun past little while. :)

Danielle in Iowa said...

I think *I* want a Bob the Builder cake at my next birthday!

Borsch said...

I want a bob the builder cake!

Rachel said...

Great pics Meg! It was great getting together Saturday! Can't wait to do it again soon.