Sunday, March 1, 2009

For the Heck of It

Today, I really really missed Ironman.

It was one of those days where I was just consumed with the memories of last year.

And it hit me that I am one month short of the year anniversary.

It was right around this time (last year) that I was doing my five and six-hour trainer rides, buying obscene amounts of Clif Shots and Balance bars, and doing laundry three times a week just for the gym clothes.

My body was ripped, my jeans were loose, and I felt like an effing machine, even if just in my own mind. I was strong and I was proud - I felt like the baddest bitch on the planet. Literally.

Aaaaaand here we are a year later.

Take all of what I just said above, and think the exact opposite – and that is where I am right now.

I think it's mostly becuase right now, I’m not really training for anything, so I don't have a ton of focus. I have a couple running races coming up, but probably don’t need to really start training for Steelhead (august) for a bit yet.

And you can tell I am a little bored and/or looking for a goal, the way I handled the no-winner-just-for-fun YMCA triathlon.

Like a damn lunatic.

So for shits and giggles, I did a long brick today.


Because that’s what Sundays are for – the long brick.

And really, because I just like the satisfaction of the long brick.

No – correction – I LOVE the satisfaction of a long brick.

I love spending my Sunday mornings in my own sweat, breaking through moments of self-doubt, and then finally standing in the shower for 20 burning minutes.

I love waking up sore.

And plus, it’s really shaming to read all those Facebook status updates of everybody doing all the bike/swim/run tests, or day-long bricks while I sits and eat four bowls of cereal. And read Facebook.

But I am not complaining about the lack of Ironman in my life this year – I am really fortunate to be able to do even just my one race- Steelhead - and to still have a job that affords me the ability to do this as a pastime.

I am not complaining.

But I just miss it.

A lot.


xt4 said...

It's in your blood, girl.

Come volunteer again in September. I'll go through your Gatorade line.

Good post.

The (IRON) Clyde said...

IMWI 2010, right?

Count me in.

M said...

xt4 - you know I'd be there in two shakes with my screaming lungs ready, but this year IMMadison falls on the day I get married. Literally.

yeaaahhh, sooooo, yeah.

it was one or the other.

And yes, CLyde I would so be in for that, but given the aforementioned statement, I can't be up there to sign up in person, which leaves little to no chance I would get in. I'll give it a shot, but alas, it may not happen for me next year. booooooooo!!!!!

Benson said...

It's nice to be afflicted with a good disease like Ironman. Feed it.

prin said...

As the only person in your entourage who is not a part of your bizarre world of over-working-out, I will not be enabling your addiction.

Instead, I'll encourage you to use those hours and hours spent in the gym for other things. You know, like... um...


The Big Cheese said...

Funny, when I use the term "long brick" it means something entirely different. Such as, "That was the longest brick I have ever taken, get the camera."

Anonymous said...

2010 IM must get your tail up here this year and we will register together!

I miss it too :( And I don't even miss the race (ok maybe a little), but I sure do miss the structured - determined - focused training that it requires.

Anonymous said...

Ah shit, just read your comment and you are getting married that weekend. For christ sake's woman...well lets do the math - if you can finish in 10 hours, that puts you at the finish line by 5pm, we can get your showered and in your gown by 6:30ish and off the ball by 7pm. :)

Have you sent out the invites yet? If not, you got time that day to squeeze in a 'small' race!

hehehe - oh so happy for you and the cheese man. :)

Joe said...

i'm with you, meg. i feel like shit these days, too. it's killing me not doing anything, either.

Erin said...

I know you want a wedding night and all but if you can get up to Madison by 5am I bet I could get you into the volunteer line!

and no I rarely condone cheating but just this once would be ok right??? I'd never do it again I swear! :)