Monday, March 16, 2009

My Brother Will Be Interested in This

Apparently, our pal, Dane, from the BL marathon fiasco, will be trying his running legs again at the Nashville marathon in April.

You know who else is running that race?

Yup - it's me!

Well, I will actually be running the half marathon.

But hey - if you ask the BL -it's all the same, right?

I guess you can sign up on the marathon site to "Run with Dane."

Even though I am already signed up for the half, I thought, "Huh, that would be interesting...think of all the scoop I could get out of him!"

But then I remembered - the marathons I run are 26.2 miles.

Yeah, I said it.


prin said...

Maybe you'll see him at the finish line of the half marathon and you can both have run full marathons together (according to BL).


Tri-Angle said...

And I'm proud you did say it M.

Carolina John said...

yes, marathons are only less than 26.2 miles on the biggest liar. haha! have fun!

Lora said...

Hey, thanks for your post on my blog recently. Best wishes in your half next month!

The (IRON) Clyde said...

The "Run With Dane" includes the van ride from miles 10 to 23 right?

Go Mom Go said...

that would be so interesting to hear the scoop. because we all know you would.

Shawn said...

Did you see this weeks BL? Can you believe that most of them did a half marathon...on a track!!! INDOORS!!!! That would just drive me insane! I give those people props for that!