Saturday, March 21, 2009

So About That Vacation...


Anyone else feel just absolutely zonked by the time Friday rolls around?

My motivation to work or do anything really is obliterated.

I also work most Saturday mornings in private practice, so I kind of have to keep going until Sunday.

And then that's only one day to recharge!

And please, don't take that as a complaint about working - I think we all know how fortunate us employed are, and frankly I do enjoy my work. And given the recent budget proposal for our state -the one with all the cuts and that awesome income tax hike - I am going to appreciate it even more if I don't lose it.

Although the upside to working this hard is that I am making myself virtually indispensible to the team, and doing so with 100% completion rate (hard to explain, but trust me - 100% anything is really, really good).

So back to burnout - I picked up Cheese at the airport last night from his most recent 21-day work trip to Baton Rouge (and yes, that's 21 straight, 18+ hour days, no weekends off).

In addition to us being both Walking Dead, I was surrounded by people all tan and giddy from their Spring Break trips.

I could still smell the suntan lotion as they walked by in their shorts and flip flops (despite Chicago's 30 degree weather last night - ahhh, to be young again).

The only thing that stopped me from booking the next flight to Anywhere-But-Chicago, USA, was the fact that I had Cheese standing next to me after a very long 21 day absence.

That, and the fact that my schedule does not allow for any vacation time right now. I think it would give my boss a Grabber if I peaced-out for a week. I am already scheduled to be out of town for one Friday next week for my engagement party/half marathon in Kansas, and a Friday at the end of April for my half-marathon/visit my brother in Nashville.

And these are all good times - but not a beach in site. So by the time I could probably go somewhere with an ocean view, it will already be summer, and wedding stuff will be in full swing (not to mention that my vacation days repopulate in July, so they will all be saved for the honeymoon).

So Chicago it is - and I can just live vicariously through everyone elses trips and pictures.

Unless anyone has any suggestions......


prin said...

Ca-na-da! Ca-na-da! We have beaches. They're just kind of chilly. :D

I think you're still allowed to complain about work if you're run that ragged...

*hugs to you guys*

oh and lol @ your half marathon slash engagement party. :D

Anonymous said...

gets ur ass to nashvegas earlier than april. its 75 here today and all im going to do is sit on the couch. come join me it my weekend routine. maybe we can go for a walk or something, cause i dont run.

rUntoNamAste said...

Dominican Republic. Cheap, sweet, all inclusive beach resorts in Puerto Plata. Flights aren't that expensive either. Well, it wasn't when I last checked. 3 years ago.

If you want somewhere less touristy, I highly recommend Merida MX. Not exactly a beach desitnation, but there are beaches. Nice caves for cliff diving, mayan ruins and incredible mexican food.

Trip advisor keeps on sending me deals to Cabos San Lucas. Looks too touristy for my taste but the beaches are gorgeous. Oh and I keep seeing those 50% commercial to the Sandal's resorts.

Ok, I'm done playing 'travel agent'. Take yo' va-cay, woman!