Saturday, November 1, 2008

I Overslept For My Own Marathon

(AKA, "Why Some Ideas Are Better Left In My Head")

Designated Megathon Starting Time: 8AM
Time Megan Couldn't Be Bothered to Wake Up Until: 7:52
Official Start Time: Who Knows? In my rush, I also forgot my watch....but we think it was 8:20.

Also note - I do not live on the running path - rather, I live several miles away, by car. So an 8:20 start time meant a breakfast of a Powerbar and coffee in the car, both of which I belched up for the first three miles.

And we're off!

(click to expand all pictures)
Megathon Team Leader, Devin. Her mouth was saying, "Ready, Set, Go!" but her face was saying, "Seriously, bitch? No watch? Overslept? Did you at least brush your teeth? Damn, and to think I've been out here since 630AM putting up signs AT EVERY MILE. IF you didn't need my ass like like I need Reeces Pieces, I would peace out this bitch - go get myself a donut."
Yeah, I wore my iPod, because at the Megathon, no one disqualifies you if you do.

At Mile 3 - I was actually listening to this rap song by M.I.A. where she goes, "All I wanna do is - bang!-bang!-bang!-bang! - and take your money." And the bang-bang is actually gun shots, so I was showing my guns.
This little move is also - coincidently - Cheese's primary (read: only) dance move. We call it "Two Thumbs up."
I forgot to mention that the Chicago Ultra was also today - and they were running south of Solider Field, which also happened to be my miles 8-18 (we looped at the 13.1). And between my neon mile signs at every miles, and Devin's bike with her bike sign that said, "Official Race Vehicle," I think we might have confused from people...sorry. No, really, I am...
Coming up to 16, where I saw Nugget (Nolan), Ellie, Dev and my mom, all freezing their butts off. But darn were they cute in their shirts..

He was saying "Cheese!!!" Check out his "Aunt Megathon" shirt over his puff jacket. Oh yeah, and he also calls everyone "Megan" now apparently. Or rather, I think it sounds something like, "May-jen." But whatev.
The crew!
Thoughts during the last 10 miles:
1. What the f--?
2. Marathoning is hard.
3. Next time I should just keep my fat mouth shut with these ideas.
4. Thank you Chicago Park District - it is nothing short of a miracle that I don't have diareha running down my leg thanks to all the closed bathrooms. What? Do you think kpeople stop running after the Chicago Marathon ends? Oh contrare. I mean, all I need is one along the path - I'm not greedy, I just don't want doo-doo pants.
5. Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle......
6. I could do without this north head wind for the second half.
7. Baby Nolan in his puffy jacket....heee heee.....
And the finish!!!! (that's a unbroken string of papertowels by the way) The official finisher time was 4:59. Slowest marathon yet. But it also include a 7-minute potty detour, some time to talk to my family at 16, and a five-week taper. So a slight disappointment, but glad to have finished. In fact, my sister said to me afterwards, "You know, on the out leg (first half) of the race, I was a little worried that you might decide not to do the whole thing, like turn around early." I responded, "Never. Because then I couldn't wear my medal."

I am so, so, so grateful to have this family. I mean, seriously. Who would spend their Saturday morning supporting me making an ass of myself? And Dev rode her bike the entire course, a lot with me to talk and keep me comapny, and then to put up and take down all the signs. She made all the shirt, and finish banner.

But I made this.....
I was laughing because Ellen kept saying, "You made a medal. No really. You made a medal." Not like a question - more like a statement. And then she actually saw it......
Yeah, it's a rainbow and hearts sun catcher that you put all the little crystals in and bake in your oven. After I finished it last night, I busted out the Easy Bake Overn and whipped up a small dessert, played with my collection of My Little Pony horses, and brushed my Barbie's hair.

And now to the real treat of the day - as we were walking back to the car, my mom tried to ride my sister's bike.
And she's off!

And she can't stop!
And she rides into traffic!
And her asshole daughters are literally on the ground laughing and taking pictures!
Awww. All's good, but then she couldn't get off.
So there you have it. Word on the street is that Amy won the overall in the Women's 10 Miler Vancouver, and Captian Cactus sprinted to a 1st place finish at the Men's 1/2 Megathon Vancouver. Betcha didn't know I have such elite runners for friends, didja?
(Update: Just checked out their site and it is really funny - please check it out and give props!)
I wanted to thank my family again for everything they did. It was really nice having them out there. And Devin for going the millions of extra miles for this. And Amy and CC for being such awesome sports. And to Jenny who also ran a 20-miler to prep for her race and Borsch on his 5k - THANK YOU EVERYBODY!!!!


Jenny Davidson said...

I was very strongly thinking of you this morning - I am glad you had a great day!

anji said...

cool! you have such a neat family :D And, how the hell do you still have leaves on your trees? We haven't had leaves in week, let alone green ones! *pouts*

(Northern Ontario, Canada)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your first place finish!!

momo said...

ok, i'm a full on sap because i have tears in my eyes. the support you have is incredible, meg, you are one lucky woman. big hugs on your podium finish! looks like an incredible day all around!!

Rachel said...

That was GREAT! Thanks for Sharing!!

RunBubbaRun said...

So that was you!!! I was running the ultra. Saw you with the sweathshirt on and so your mile sign. Kinda of funny.. Could not put 2 and 2 together until afterwards...( I was wearing an IMWI hat, sunglasses. giving you a double take)

Congrats on your overall winner. Cool idea by the way.

Rest up and congrats on your accomplishment.

21stCenturyMom said...

Well done! And of course you made a medal - duh!

J-Wim said...

That was awesome- sounds like an awesome time and to have a that course support..... what a great family you have!

RoadBunner said...

Congratulations! You have a great family. What fun!

Joe said...

best medal ever!

Steve Stenzel said...

OMG. I love the biker riding into traffic while she's being laughed at!

Nice job! Way to go! LOVE the medal!!

Tyger Lily said...


Well done! Love the official race vehicle! LOL

Thea said...

Yeah Meg- you are an elitist!! I thought of you today and cheered you on. I was unable to participate in the Megathon (super pouty face)today. Any chance for a Late-Start 10K off-road Megathon tomorrow? Gimme the word and it is on like Donkey-Kong.

thea said...

p.s. That is sooo neat that you have such a cool family to support you and cheer you on. So jealous, sigh.
And that Baby Puff-Nolan I just want to pinch his cheeks and make him laugh!

Michelle J said...

As usual... f'in hilarious Meg. Congratulations on your win. You rock woman.

Maggs said...

OMG that was soo great! you rock! Running a marathon by yourself is tough! Great medal too!

Borsch said...

Awesome finish! I thought it would be close there at the end but you pulled out the win. :)

Nolan looks like he is having a great time!

Great job M!

Prin said...

LOL!! You rock. I love how you always have shirts to mark the occasion. lol!

You should totally have a Meg superhero doll too.

I'd so buy it.

And I promise never to check if it's anatomically correct.

Anyway, congrats on your win. It sounds like it was an awesome day. :) *high five*

stronger said...

Ha! I like how you baked yourself a medal but I can't recall a post about you ever baking yourself a dinner. Your family is awesome- including you!

Go Mom Go said...

Meg -
I hope that you are fully aware of how blessed you are with your family. I can get my Dad out to a race, but something that I just made up...not so much. Actually the rest of them don't come to "real" races any way.

What a wonderful idea!!

ps - did you see the new marathon in April at U of I? I was thinking...maybe if Megan does it... :)

Fave said...

when i am running my marathon (with thousands of my closest friend) in 12 days - I will think of this!

TriHard said...

congrats on your marathon finish. That is awesome! It takes more will and determination to finish a race like that...then one with specatators, banners, aid stations, etc! Congrats!! and your family and friends are the best!

Duane said...

You are so freaking funny!

MissAllycat said...

Sweet Baby Jesus, that is an awesome medal. Where do I sign up for next year's race? :)

The (IRON) Clyde said...

I'm a little late to the party here, but CONGRATS Meg, a self supported marathon, not sure if I'd have the mind power to do that.

(and your fam rocks too, what support).

deb_dee said...