Saturday, November 25, 2006

And My Skin Still Itches

For all three of you who read this site, you'll be happy to know that I actually accomplished two of my many things scheduled for today. After my meltdown this morning (see previous post, if you dare) I tried to "swim it out," with a swim-run combo, only to find out that I forgot my running shoes. Nice.

So I went home to get them, with all the intentions of returning to the gym, but then got sidetracked at Larry's to try and fix his long-broken printer. Why? Good question - After the fiasco this morning, I thought that, once I got this on-line practice test figured out, I would just take them form his house, where I could print out the ones I got wrong. Then I was certainly going to go to the gym, and then even a meeting.

Alas, two and a half hours later (thank you Dell), the printer was revived, and I was one run short of insanity. But to be fair, the feeling of actually having accomplished it made me just a little more calm, and willing to accept the lost run. Sure my blossoming friendship with the Dell technician (who, by the way, was talking to me from the Philippines - I'm thinking a future race-vacation venue to visit my new friend?) was filled with loving and supportive advice like, "Now close the window and restart your computer, let me know when it comes back on." But I , nonetheless, was still pining to get outside, given the 60 degree day here in Chicago.

After talking with Larry, we decided to turn tomorrow's 2-hour ride into a 3 hour number, so it all works out (and my knees can relax for one more day). And I got a salmon dinner out it. Deelish!! So hooray for Dell, three days of unseasonable warm weather, a long ride on a Sunday morning, my ever-developing ability to be more flexible, and a long shower to come home to ('cause did I mention that I procrastinated taking shower after the swim cause I thought I would be running, and then it just become less of a priority as the day went on - oops). My skin a little raw from me trying to crawl out it.

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