Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Done and Undone

Believe it or not, nothing was put off today. Not only did I get my ducks in order, but I sent them quacking. This brief diversion from my otherwise avoidant existence is not that uncommon, I do admit, not unlike the elusive "perfect" swim stroke. You know, the one that you might get MAYBE once every couple of swims, that lasts maybe one or two stokes down the lane. Yeah, my mania days are like, with that frequency.

Speaking of swims, I have to say that today's effort goes right up there on the list of All-Time Things I Need Erased From My Memory. Wow, was it embarrassing. So bad, in fact, that I became convinced that that geriatric hot-tub party of five was conversing among themselves about the joke I tried to pass off as a stroke. By the end, I just had to climb out of the pool, keep my identity shielded by my cap and goggles, and slink off into the far corner to the locker room and wallow in swimmers shame. It's a good thing I am not to hard on myself though...

Tomorrow is the Turkey Trot (doesn't everyone, every town, have one of these?) Here in Chicago, the weather is supposed to be actually nice, so nice in fact that I almost ditched to go for a ride instead. But alas, I have committed, so off I go. Run on, Turkey runner, run on.

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