Tuesday, April 8, 2008

AZ Here I Come

Yeah, so the back thing is still there - the doctor helped considerably today, and he even offered to see me again this afternoon for a second session, but I thought that might be overkill, plus I was already taking an "extended lunch" to take care of other things.

He did some manipulations, and then found the place on my back that might be the cause of it. He pushed on that muscle to try to cut off the oxygen flow to the spasming muscles (or something like that) the massaged it out until the knot began to go away.

He told me to have someone do that to me tonight, and for the next few days.

I figured Cheese owed me something for the amount of fart stink he's leaving in my sheets, so he won today's compitition of "Who Gets To Rub Megan Out?"

And it has helped.

In other news, taper hasn't killed me yet, but it has done a number on my girlish figure.

Just kidding.

But I have gained...ahem...some weight....I know, I know....it's all for the reserve.....

But yuck.

And because of the back, there was no workout today, and likely minimal over the next few days, except some swimming.

Bring on the belly!

So in about five hours, we start making our way down to Midway to meet my mom and head out.

Posting the next few days might be sporadic given the Internet situation. Cheese offered to update during the race, to post on my site about my progress, but that seems sort of...I don't know...self-absorbed. Overkill. But I said I would think about it.

And before I sign off for tonight, I would be as ass if I didn't take a second to say with the fullest heart, THANK YOU. And I don't know if anything I write at this moment will fully express what is fulling through my head.

I started this blog in November 2006, and the friendships I have made through it have been unimaginable. The comments, the emails, the humor, the support, the mantras - it is an understatement to say that your words get me to that pool when I don't wanna, or when I celebrate the long bricks and runs when I need a pat on the back.

To me at this point, I am honest-to-god stunned that people even take a second of their day to click on "The Project," to check it out, to care about what might be happening to me or what I have to say. No matter what they might have going on, people still take that moment to check in, read, and leave a comment. It's nothing short of an honor for me to know that people do this - that people care, and people come back, everyday. With each comment or site click, people keep supporting this girl from Chicago that they have never even met.

That concept to me is crazy.

But it is also amazing and incredible, and as weird as it sounds, it feels like this big warm hug.

I made it through some really crappy months recently, athletically and personally, with your help.

My gratitude is undefinable.


Danielle in Iowa said...

Good luck! I'll keep my fingers crossed that your back holds up!

IM Able said...

You are going to do so well out there. I know it.

Remember every detail and have fun!

Alili said...

Good luck and have fun. Let the race be a celebration:)

someday tri said...

I'm so impressed and jealous -- can't wait to be in your position, can't believe the amount of work it takes, can't even begin to imagine the excitement.

Be proud and have a terrific time in AZ!

stronger said...

See you in 2 days!! I can work on your back if Cheese needs a break...or stops stinking up the sheets.

Erin said...

Megan, you are an inspiration, plain and simple. Sending good thoughts your way on Sunday. Good luck, and HAVE FUN!

Prin said...

You're so awesome. It's easy to click here and keep up.

I so hope you kick hiney. Any way it turns out, you still made it. :)


And I'm glad Cheese is there to do the rub out. :)

Good luck, Megan. :)

The Clyde said...

"Who Gets To Rub Megan Out?"

Let's just hope you reciprocated......

Anyway, I vote a "hell yeah" to Cheese updating on race day.

Have fun out there Megan, you're going to rock the course....can't wait to hear all about it.

lassenlaw said...

Maybe you can post your bib # so we can monitor your progress on IM Live??!!

Donald said...

Have a great race!

MAJ (Meggan Ann Johnson) said...

I only know you from Duane's blog, but I am so proud of you. I also love your blog dedication.


the fire said...

bib # 2011 is that right?..sledge hammer, the hammer and nails will be checking in on both you and tiger this sunday!!! best wishes

momo said...

meg - its almost here! aren't you just jumping out of your skin??? i am for you! i'm so excited, i know its been a long road - but you are READY girl!

its time to get ready to enjoy the day!!! every single minute. it seems like you're out there a long time, but believe me - it flies by.

can't wait to see you!

Anonymous said...

I love blogland. It helps me through all those times when it gets too hard, and it allows me to sing my praises when I've done a good job. The comments, and reading others pages, just solidifies in my mind that everything you go through, others do too.

Have an AWESOME race at Arizona. Make sure you put up your race number so we can check in on you!!!


LBTEPA said...

What's your number so we can track you?