Thursday, April 10, 2008

Back In

Quick post - I actually have to do a phone staffing for work in a few minutes (I know, I know) but I wanted to quick drop in.

First off, I am speechless at the support and comments and emails. I don't even really know what to say except thank you so it all. I keep going back and reading them all, and I am still in shock. And my bib number is 2011. First name is BadAss.

Second, upon landing yesterday, my phone email went off, and there was an email from Comm with the name and number of a back doctor in the area, Dr. Banas, who by the way, is also doing the race but was nice enough to squeeze me in yesterday last minute. Right now, the back is slowly recovering, but there is no doubt that the doctor really set it straight. I should be back to 100% by tomorrow, if I know my back.

And I do.

We're pretty tight lately.

Ha! That was, like, a pun!

Oh, and while waiting in the waiting room with Cheese, who should walk in but Comm himself, and his son, Mo. For those of you that have never met Comm, he is the most down-to-earth, easy-tempered, and NICEST man. He was so chill, jsut sitting there in the chair across from me, giving me a blow-by-blow of the bike portion of the race. He's the kind of guy that would probably talk to you forever regardless of whatever personal stuff he had to do, just because he sensed you needed a good "talking off the ledge." He is amazing and loving with his son, who has the most energy of any four-year-old I have ever seen. And cute as anything!!!!

I also had a chance to meet Andy (TriAngle) who will be hosting the blogger party Friday. I have known Andy through blogging since last year, but it was good to meet him in person.

And Dr. Banas himself could not have been niceer, or more helpful. He even offered to adjust me the day before the race! The guy would actually work the day before he is supposed to do an IM to help me! The entire experience just relly put me in a good place. I simply can't beleive how nice and flexible and accomadating everyone has been. Guys, I cannot thank you all enough for what you did yesterday!

So Comm and Dr. Banas pretty much saved my entire year's worth of training by one office visit, not to mention my sanity, which was alsmost lost with each shock of pain up my back. Today is check-in day, then some relaxing and sunning. YAY!!! But with sunscreen, of course.

Check in later!!!


Danielle in Iowa said...

Beware! Although you had a recent Florida trip, I imagine you must be pasty white like the rest of the midwest after this long winter - you don't want to get sunburned the day before the race :-) (because that is totally something I would do)

IM Able said...

Comm's a good egg. And I can't believe you got to meet Mo!! What a cutie!

Anonymous said...

so they are cool and that great that they are taking care of you. just wait until race day when you see my antics. i cant wait to see you droppin deuces in your britches. i hope your fanny pack is big enough for toilet paper cuz youll need it.

moonpie said...

Keep the updates coming! You're gonna rock it!

Alili said...

So great that you are being well taken care of. Go BadAss:)

The Clyde said...

I take it you didn't fly American, I was hoping you didn't.

Good news on the Doc, see, you'll be ready to rock and roll the course out there.

Eagerly awaiting Sunday......

(oh and as I told you Cheese, you're not missing much here, it's 40, cold and raining in Chi-town today, SUCKS!!)

Prin said...

Yey!! Good luck. :)

Comm's said...

Well thank you for the props. Mostly for Mo, who promptly got home and sleep for 11 hours.

BTW, Jeff, Andy and I are AZTRICLUB and that is how we roll.