Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What Goes Up....

Today was bad.

Pain in belly and back.

Limb swelling.


Laid in bed most of day, except to pee, poop and shower.

No office, no gym.

I am very sensitive today – I am crying easily.

I know tomorrow will be better – it always is.

I just liked being on that fast track to health.

A bright moment was that Triathlete Magazine emailed me about possibly doing an article about the last few weeks.

Sadly, though, after talking to me, they decided not to.

Maybe it was my dull personality.

Or maybe they got hold of one of my "old people" rants.


Just kidding –my pain is making me snappy right now.

Truth is, they just thought my blog told my story good enough, so they are linking on their website.

And my blog is good enough – lots of great things have come from it.

And the best part is that it’s my voice and my words.

I feel like crying again.

I’m so sorry I am not myself right now.

I promise some humor tomorrow.

There might be some scabs or poop involved.