Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Same Old and a Little Blogger Love

It's me!! I am back to regular life today, even managed to get into the actual office. I also went from 15 minutes of walking on the treadmill yesterday to 30 minutes (!!!!!) today. Needless to say, I am making slow but steady progress back! This pic is me right after the gym, back home in my apartment (tonight is my first night alone).
Before I left, I received "I Love You Don't Die" flowers from Cheese. I promised to send him a pic but got sort of busy the night before, what with all the laxative drinking....
And THEN!!!!!
A certain blogger dropped a hint yesterday, which prompted me to sneak out of the house and drive myself back to my apartment to check the mail. And look what I found!!!!

Oh Happy Deliciousness!!!!!! Now, if that doesn't spell sweet sugary recovery, I don't know waht does. This coma-inducing care package (which, by the way, consisted of EVERY candy I have ever talked about my blog) came by way of Momo and Stronger. But the best part was an enclosed letter filled with encouraging words and topped with a picture.
Oh, and make no mistake - those cookies were homemade, and frosted with the most amazing sugar frosting one could imagine. I was later told that, while making these cookies with her children, Stronger was trying to explain what was happening with me, and ended up telling her son that I "gave her brother some of her guts." I would say that was accurate assessement, in a lot of ways.

My bite marks. Lemme try to explain this - There are two top cuts, then my belly button and a cut next to it. Just below my belly is what I now refer to as "The Pucker" - not quite sure why its there, but it's like this pouch of skin that just hang over, with a nice bruise forming just below it. There's a fourth incision to the left side of it. The final, and most painful cut, goes from hip-to-hip and sits just below the bikini line, which I have spared you from seeing (just below that blue bruise). It still hurts. Bad.
So that's where I am at. Sorry if that scar picture is gross, but it's now what I look at every time I look down, and they itch like mad.
Okay, I have Megan'd myself out, so I can only imagine how you all feel. I need to go to bed - 'cause it a long day tomorrow.


Andra Sue said...

Sorry, still think your stomach looks hot. :)

Enjoy all those sugary goodies!

someday tri said...

1. you are ridiculously photogenic.
2. those sugar cookies look delicious right now -- pink frosting just tastes best
3. I'm sure someone has made you watch that bizarre Charlie the Unicorn video on YouTube, but in case you haven't seen it, I saw it the other day and thought of you.

Nytro said...

stronger and momo strike again.

there's no containing those two.

it makes me feel tired just to think about it.

nice work on the scar pics. no puss, no blood.... well done.

Alili said...

mmm, sour patch kids...all of that candy makes me want to go to the movies.

Go Mom Go said...

What a terrific idea from Stronger and Momo! Have fun with all that candy!

Still looking good!

Danni said...

I have to agree with Andra sue. I still think you have a pretty fabulous stomach! :)
The care package looks awesome!
Keep resting up girl and you will be back to your old self in no time!

stronger said...

Looks like a dog fight. Cool battle wounds though. What kind of super badass doesn't have a few scars? Now quit picking at the scabs so it heals better!

The Clyde said...

Jesus H. Christ...did they take the kidney out in pieces?

Benson said...

Oh yeah, scars are cool.
I've heard that rubbing cookie frosting on scars makes them heal faster...
Ah, never mind. Better to eat all the goodness and heal from the inside out.

momo said...

oh, oh, oh! i know what all those holes are for. the camera, the tube that blows your tummy up with air, the "kidney's exit here" hole. that's kind of nuts isn't it? and even more unbelievable is how good your stomach still looks!


Prin said...

Crazy. But I have to say, you looked way more beat up that time I kicked your ass when you were drunk. Remember that time? Probably not.

Obviously messin'.

You look awesome. Pokey holes and all. Although, somehow, I can't seem to picture the big smiley incision below your belly. Maybe because my brain won't allow me to think of bad slicey things happening to you.

That's so awesome that your bloggy friends sent you candies. Yey Momo and Stronger! *high five*

Don't overdo it though, eh? :)

Mommymeepa said...

Lookin' good for all your've been through. Have a great day and I'm looking forward to getting to know you better.

Take care,

Anonymous said...

i hate when you turn your comment box off. bummer about the article, but still very exciting about the link. want to come over and play with me and no no today. Ive got a some candy and hot water. -ellie

Prin said...

I agree with the anonymous person.

Everybody hurts sometimes. And frankly, you have a far, far better reason than most to take a wallow day.

Even when you're sad and curled up fetal, you still rock, Megan.

Molly said...

I agree with andra...I want to know how to get that tummy!
Great friends always have great friends!
Hang in there and remember that the bad days help you appreciate the good!
Take Care

Erin said...

Feel better, chica! And yes, I'm doing Racine. It would rock if you were there!

the crazy jogger said...

woah nice shirt :D
n nice stuff :D