Friday, April 11, 2008

Some pics

Between Cheese and I, we are having some tech difficulties. We have a ton of video, which I actually like better because they are sort of goofy and the pics are, well, sort of flat. But here are some of the first few days. Hopefully the video will be up and running soon.

This first one is yesterday at packet pick-up.

It certainly didn't take long for my mood to sour. We had to wait in a line because of some US Triathlon nonsense that I ended up having to pay for a year membership. Don't ask. I'll get pissed all over again.

After packet pick-up (during which I did, in fact, start to cry because I was so excited and the poor lady that was explaining all the bags and stickers to me was like "Oh don't worry, everything is marked" because she thought I was crying from confusion. I was like, "I can read, I'm just scared!") Cheese made some posters. I helped. Make my own poster. Guess which one I did?

On the way out, we took another picture.

The obligatory "Where's Megan?" photo. It was so much funnier at the time....

This morning, I went into the water. IT was cold. Not as dirty as imagined, mostly just like an open water swim. But gosh, does 2.4 miles look long when you put it all together. I miss the pool....
Cheese and me, on the way out today. We picked up the bike, talked to a fellow blogger, Benny, who is doing the race as well, got my hydration system put on my bike by the LOVELY people of In and Out Sports (seriously, every experience I have had with this company has been stellar - please use them for all triathlon needs. That is all), and then headed home.
Cheese has been amazing these last few days. He has followed me around with this video camera marking every step I take in this. He has been super flexible and accomadating, and it's been great to have him this week. My mom is also here, and she has been cooking up some crazy food, trying to fatten me up for the big day.

My sisters come in tonight while Cheese and i are at the blogger party. I should get some good pics from that as well. One more day!!!!


SUB6 said...

Exciting times! :) Good Luck! What is your race number???

The Big Cheese said...

Her number is 2011.

Prin said...

Aww! You guys are so cheesy. :D

You're so badass, Megan. :D

I love how you're rockin' the little shorts. If I was wearing those, it would look like I'm wearing a tube top around my hips.

So exciting!!! YEY!

Prin said...

Wait... You're allowed in the water? But what about that big yeller sign?

The Clyde said...

Those pictures are making me jealous, very jealous.

Enjoy the day tomorrow Megan, I know I'm even a little nervous, and I'm not even racing.

Anne-Marie said...

Megan, YOU ROCK!!!! You are going to do great!

Cindy Jo said...

HAD to check in on you!!! I remembered IMAZ was tomorrow, and I've been out of the Blogosphere but immediately thought of you.

You will do great. You are way more prepared than I was when I did my first one, and I managed just fine. All you have to do is expect the ups and downs and just do what you are there to do, regardless of how you feel at any given moment. JUST KEEP WORKING HARD AND MOVING FORWARD, AND SOMETHING GOOD WILL HAPPEN.

I will be thinking of you all day and cheering you along! I would give you a big hug if I could!

p.s. That sports bra makes your boobs look really big ;)

LBTEPA said...

Good luck Megan! We'll be tracking you from Oz!

Muneeb Saeed said...

nice :D