Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Of Course

The pain started Sunday night.

At first, it was just a soreness, though I knew I pretty much only swam for the last few days.

I had my massage yesterday, and thought, "Well, this should fix it."

By last night, I was laid out in bed, ordering Cheese to "get me this" and "get me that."

And if you know us at all, it's usually the other way around.


But not really kidding.

He says I never just sit, relax, EVER, but last night I didn't even move.

Shows how bad it hurts.

Like, literally locked up.

I have a back doctor appointment at 11 today.

He better work some magic back there.

No matter - I am still doing the race. Four days out, and NOW I get back pain?!?!

Eff it.

I'm racing.

Crippled, maybe, but still an Ironman.


Danielle in Iowa said...

Oh no! Good luck at the back doctor! I'll send happy back vibes your way!

Comm's said...

my training partner is an chiro, he is donign IM as well. If you need work down here let me konw.

your going to the party right?

Andra Sue said...

OH NOOOOOOOOOOOES!!! This is terrible news. I hope you can get yourself fixed up in short order.

I will say a little non-religious prayer for you. :)

Prin said...

Crazy. That's just terrible. :( I hope you get fixed up asap. (hugs)

The Clyde said...

Is it too late to enter the wheelchair division?

Like others, hope the Doc fixes you up right good.

Alili said...

Sending positive healing thoughts your way.