Thursday, April 24, 2008


I just spoke with Meg's Mom. She said Megan is out of surgery and doing great.



Go Mom Go said...

Thank you, I have been praying all day.


The Clyde said...

Thanks for the update Cheese, glad to hear she's doing fine.

And I really wish I could get this stupid thing out of my head but I feel it kind of applies.

Here's to a quick recover Meg.

Enjoy the drugs while you can and they are still legal to get.

Lauren said...

Thanks for the update. Speedy Recovery!

stronger said...

Thanks for the update! Way to go Meg!!

Molly said...

Thank you!!!
Been thinking of her all day...think I have checked this site 10 times today :)
Take Care

Alili said...

Thanks for the update. Positive recovery vibes:)

Andra Sue said...

Glad to hear it! Yay, Meg!

Thanks for the update.