Friday, October 24, 2008

Yeah, Yeah, I Already Know I Blog-Suck

I know I promised these pictures like 100 years ago, but funny how work and wedding get in the way of just about everything. Geesh. And boy, I can't wait to let loose about the wedding already. But alas, to be saved for the next post.

And let me preface this entire post by saying that this trip was arranged (date and place) through Cheese's work, so I had no previous knoweldge of the world we were about to enter into.

Having said that, let's begin.

First night there - we noticed that there were few regular cars and lots of tiny electric cars or bikes or vespas to transport around the island. We were lucky enough to get bikes through Cheese's company, but I thought this little car was cute.

First night, after dinner, at the bar - at this point, we had started to notice something was up with this place...lots characters at this bar (not referring to the couple - Demi and June - behind us - they were part of our group).

Cheese getting his buzz on, me wondering how much longer I have to inhale cigarette smoke...

Having left the bar, we made our way back to the car, stopping for a portriat along the way. It was just moments after this that we noticed two couples walking across the street, both appearing to be in their mid-50s (we have pictures taken with Demi's camera, but I am waiting for this particular beauty to be forwarded to me because my words will never do the event justice). One of these women was wearing a pink low-cut dress that road up so high as she walked, it sat almost at her waist, thus exposing her...lady bits. On the street. Just hanging out.
For all to see.
Makes sense though - why wear a dress that short if you're only going to keep the bits covered with panties? Or maybe in these tough economical times, she was forced to forgo the panties, and could only afford a ill-fitting shirt. Hmmm.....
June from our group ran over for a picture and as the foursome and June posed, the husband...wait for it....hold's good...PULLED HIS WIFE'S TOP DOWN TO EXPOSE HER BOOBIE.
And just like that, the tone for the weekend was set.
It's on film. Horrifyingly so. I told Cheese the if he ever did that to me in public, I would cut his twig and berries right off then and there with my car key.
Next day, at the beach.

My favorite part of the trip - tooling around on our cruising bikes. WIth my little basket. Love it!

Cheese and his set of wheels.

Last full day - we did this thing where we spent the whole day doing activites like parasailing, wave running, and snorkeling. We were on this boat for most of the day.

Us, and another couple we were with - man, trust me when I say the group we were with could DRINK! I pussed out each night after two beers (hey, I was on vacation, and this was cutting loose for me!) but our group shut it down every night.

Waiting our turn to parasail.
Almost up.....

That's us!

Post-snorkling, on our way back to shore.

And here ya go - Nekkid Pic #1 (you won't seem much more then this though - despite the weirdness being no deterant to Cheese, I had trouble digesting the 70-year-old bare breasts, so I will withhold those pictures). This particular gal has no actual clothes on - just paint. And she was like a local celebrity, and just walked the streets while people took pictures. Cheese looks bored, yeah?

Ah, the natural beauty of the island. Sweet girls.
Oh, let me tell you this - moments after this, a 70-year-old woman in a mascarade mask (as if to be modest), nipple pasties (!), and a mini skirt (that was more like a belt and less like a skirt, as evidenced by her lady bits exposed) explained to us this whole idea of Fanstasy Fest. Again, I appear to be the only person in the world to not know this. Frankly, I appreciated her take on the week's event of "An Adult Halloween," but I'd be lying if I said I didn't get a touch queasy as her flappy boobies brush my arm.
As if this wasn't enought, Cheese, I and our group went to another bar, only to witness two 65-year-old ladies with GINORMOUS exposed boobies flashing for pictures. Like, yeah - someone's grandmothers.
And the night's topper? A lovely upstanding gentlman apporach Granny #1 AND LICKED HER BOOBIE. ON THE STREET!!!! LICKED IT!!!! AND SHE WAS OLD!!!!!!
Last stop - Kareoke. I was the last of our group to go, and so terribly unwillingly that I was actually ambushed into it - here is a look of my "I will fucking kill you Cheese in the privacy of our room, but right now I will put on a happy face for our group so that they don't see the Devil Megan." There is actually video of this - I debated posting it, because it's truly horrid...but yet oddly laughable.....

Moments before we took off for the airport - this was actually half a block from our hotel, so we really were out there in the middle of the ocean. I am still expecting some pictures from our group, so as they come in, I will post!


Amy said...

My virgin eyes... no wait... it's ok... my contact just shifted. How long would painting yourself like that take?

And that southmost point thing. Stood there. The best part? That a few hundred meters to the SOUTH there is an American Naval Base. So really southmost point us regular folk will ever get to.

Ellen said...

a few things here:
1. cheese, i love you and cant wait to be an official family, BUT you are never allowed to wear the wife beater again. Mccues wear sleeves.
2. when i am done nursing the bambinos i am getting boobies (yes for the first time in my life) and i may just take the pic of the naked painted lady for my size consultation.
3. i love the second pic. u were having a great hair day.
4. the pic of kyle and said painted lady looks like the pic of dad and richard simmons. their expressions are the same and priceless.
5. glad you posted. almost dumped you off my fav 5.

Team Brazo said...
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Team Brazo said...

We went to Key West a few years ago -- with the kids. It was a blast just watching the "folks" walk around. During the day it was very tame -- it was just a night that "things" came out. It was a week after Fantasy Fest, but there still were elements of Fantasy Fest remaining.

Even with the kids, great place to see people "Free" and enjoying themselves.

stronger said...

that's just one of those vacations that will always stay with you...

MJ said...

I'm a bit behind on the news--CONGRATULATIONS on your engagement! That post made me cry!

Isn't Key West a hoot? Fantasy Fest is the best! Did you go to Blue Heaven?

21stCenturyMom said...

Oh my ... those are great pics but I'm feeling a little cheated. WE WANT ALL OF THEM! And your little video, too, my dear.

I love the look on Cheese's face when he's standing next to the painted lady. Less bored and more "Hey - look at me huh huh huh.... I'm next to painted nekkid lady!" Too funny.

The (IRON) Clyde said...

National Lampoon's Cheese Vacation.


I can't stop laughing about this whole trip.

The Big Cheese said...

Anyone want to see videos of the weekend? Here you go.

Megan "Underwood"

Megan on Key West

TBC on Key West

Wipaddler said...

awesome videos.

I love the butter face comment.

I think if those ladies are going to walk around with painted boobies they should have them decorated like the painted ladies on The Girls Next Door. There's a big difference between getting painted with rhinestones and air brushes and stopping at the office max to get some Tempra paint and slathering that on.

Mommymeepa said...

HAHAHAHAHA thanks for posting. Sounds like a fun and interesting vacation.

Just for your information. I had no idea what FANTASY FEST was either until you enlightened me.

Keep the pics coming.

Borsch said...

Loving the pics!

I'm high did you go up para sailing?

I did it this last spring and we went up 800 feet....LOVE IT!

Alili said...

Hahaha, well for the wait.

Prin said...

o..m...g. I am so scarred.

Yeah, Cheese looks bored. That's the word for it.


Very... um.. descriptive there.

The Young Family said...

I am jealous!! Looks like fun!!


Andra Sue said...

Looks like ya'll had a really fun time...well, except for the old boobie sightings. Those would creep me out too! :)