Sunday, July 8, 2007

31- A Pictoral Retrospective

Alas, tomorrow I officially turn 31 - I know, I know - How does one go from looking 21 to being 31? I get that lot, and frankly, it's no easy feat these days.

So I thought I would show you my transformation from a shiny happy baby to a bright young academic star, to me in present time.

However, given that 31 years is a lot of time to cover in one post, I have decided to do the long retrospective here, and then post one picture each day this week of my life. Yes, friends, that is my gift from me to you - pictures of myself.

No need to thank - just take it in.

Me and my brother Kevin - I was furious he got to wear the sailor suit. And to add insult to injury, I just saw myself in the mirror for the first time, dressed as an Easter egg and sporting a very large forehead. Can you tell I'm a bit disgruntled?

Cute dress, nice tan...a foreshadowing of things to come....

The only thing sadder than my brother's argyle disaster here is the fact that they never did catch the guy that stole my upper lip...

Ah, this would be my "Blue Period." Dressed in blue, just found out I had a new sister with a smaller forehead stealing my spot light, got a chronically happy brother who loves to smile - what's a two year-old to do? But those are some killer highlights, yeah?

Nope, not yet - still haven't caught the guy...

Oh, but look - my mom tried to cheer me up with a fashionable hair cut and snappy new dress. I totally rocked those knee-highs.

Basketball - my first love. I played for Edison Park for several years, and many of those under the coaching hand of my father. This was also the year I discovered the joys of the french braid.

And at the beginning of my sophomore year of high school, I discovered the joys of cross-country...and a summers' worth of Sun-In...

We quickly jump to my senior year of college (god, if only the real high school could have gone that fast). In fact, I believe this might be my graduation party, with my sister Devin.

My cousin's wedding, but here's a good story - My date to this wedding actually called his friends to come and crash it, and then when I told him they couldn't, he left. Wow. That was a happy night. But my sisters, as usual, picked me up, put in a beer in my hand, and reminded my that dudes can suck sometimes.

My brother Kevin's bridal shower - not the best pic of me, but I knew my mom would like this pictures because she looks cute. This one's for you, Big Mar.

At my brother's wedding. This was the last picture of me and my dad before he got sick. It is my favorite picture. Ever. I miss him.

Me and Larry, right after my dad's death, at the Christmas party my dad's district threw. I got a tad sauced. But I like this picture because we look happy. I was with the love of my young life that night, and he was doing what he did a lot at that time- hold me up.

Me and the sibs. Love them. More than they'll ever know. Thank god Nolan cut his hair.

Ellen's wedding day. Again, great dress, good hair, nice tan...and Ellen looked good too.

My graduation in 2004. I look a bit delirious in this picture. I was. It was a long five years and the dissertation sucked.

Devin's Master's ceremony graduation, May 2007. All the Girlie Lovelies all grown up and in their full glory. Fantastic.

Till tomorrow.


stronger said...

Can't wait 'til tomorrow...Happy, happy 31st!!

Duane said...

Happy Birthday Meg! hope you liked the song!

Brent Buckner said...

Yes, happy birthday!

momo said...

awesome, awesome - what a woman you've grown into! mwa!