Thursday, July 19, 2007


Need. Sleep.
Need. Vacation.
Need. Serenity.

Ahh. What ever happened to that old saying, "The lazy days of summer?" Nothing lazy about ol' girl over here, baking in the Chicago humidity and cracked out on Venti Starbucks, tyring to tackle the ills of child welfare.

A big thanks to all those who have hunted me down, checking to see if I have a pulse, particularly after this past weekend's food fiasco. Without any yucky details, it is still working its way through my system, which is contributing to my fatigue. But hey, I haven't seen this flat of a tummy since the good old days of tricycles, bobby socks, and a Ricky Schroeder-Silver Spoon crush (aka pre-puberty). Sure I may be dehydrated as an m-effer, but Nicole Richie's got nothing on my pelvic bones.

Of course, I'm one chocolate long john donut away from my normal bloat....

Lots of races this weekend - we got Larry and a bunch of bloggers out in Racine for the 1/2 Iron (whoo-hoo!) and of course, Cindy Jo at the IM Lake Placid, for whom I got to give it up for "Ol' Girl Chicago!"

I suck with the picture thing, I owe ya all about a billion (and I always love to show off my rocking good tan). I am working on it, so hang tight.

Later skaters!


Duane said...

Yes yes, we need photos! :-)

KrissyGo! said...

Oh dear. I had that same Ricky Schroeder-Silver Spoons crush.

"Here we are...face to face...a couple of silver spoons..."

Yeah man. I heart 80s TV theme songs.

Anonymous said...

It's about damn time you put a new post up. I live for them and "the pages."