Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Cake Hangover

As the sugar high starts to wear off, I am left with the withdrawal shakes, sticky fingers and a ring of chocolate around my mouth. But dang, it was good.

The binge started Sunday, with an ice cream cake from my favroite palce, Love's Yogurt. Deelish. All three pieces.

Then yesterday, my boss took me out to lunch, which was finished by key lime pie. I never had it before but yummers again.

Then last night, my sister, mom, and Larry had cake for me, yellow with chocolate frosting, which finished off my 31st birthday.

But the big news of the day was my brother's national firefighter's test results, which ranked him as 32nd, and in the "Outstanding" catagory. Right on!!

Oh, and he got engaged last weekend. March 15th is the date, I hear.

These pics are from last year, when me and my sisters went to visit him for senior weekend. He's a bad-ass, and we're very proud of him!!!!!


Andy said...

Now you've lived. You've had Key Lime Pie
BTW, I make an awesome Key Lime Cheescake!

Kelly Kiana's Tri-Blog said...

Very cool! Now step away from the cake! :-)

momo said...

happy birthday to you, meg! sounds like a way SWEET way to spend your birthday weekend!

Cindy Jo said...

I ate 3 big pieces of cake at a kid's party recently and was sick to my stomach for 24 hours. But it was SOOOOOO GOOD!

Anonymous said...

your brother looks like a pimp you think he might be interested in my little sister. i know hes engaged but she is the hotness